Nina Garcia

Picture of Nina Garcia

Date of birth: 03.05.1965

Age: 51

Place of Birth: Barranquilla

Citizenship: Colombia


Born in Barrankille Garcia, Colombia (Barranquilla, Colombia), in the family of a rich merchant. In 1983, she graduated from high school in Wellesley, Massachusetts (Wellesley, Massachusetts); higher education - bachelor`s degree - she received at Boston University (Boston University). It should be noted that in this her academic career has not ended - after Nina was admitted to the Supreme Fashionable School (Ecole Superieure de la Mode) in Paris, and in 1992 received another bachelor`s degree at the Institute of Fashion and Technology (Fashion Institute of Technology) .

Garcia beginning in the `80s to work in the fashion industry; At first she worked in the PR department of the company Perry Ellis (Perry Ellis) - on which, incidentally, at the time worked by Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs). Later she broke up with Ellis and moved to the post of assistant market editor and stylist in `Elle` magazine. In the future, Garcia was able to move much above the normal fasting assistant - already in 2000 it was appointed editor at the fashion issues. In April 2008, Nina and left this position by clicking on the position of columnist; she worked in this capacity until the end of August. In total, the `Elle` Garcia worked for 13 years - eight of them as an editor. On 2 September 2008, the journalist has served as fashion editor `Marie Claire`; in its jurisdiction are the latest fashion news and the operation of the relevant section of the magazine; In addition, Nina regularly reviews the new design of the exhibition in New York, Milan and Paris. Garcia is considered one of the most influential people of the modern fashion world; as such, it is not just priglashaliv various television projects.

In May 2007, Nina became a member of the jury was held in Mexico City (Mexico City) Miss Vselennaya` competition `(` Miss Universe`).

Tried and Garcia himself as a writer; from under her pen came for four bestseller. So, will be on sale on September 5th 2007, the `Little Black Book stilya` (` The Little Black Book of Style`) already suffered eight editions and is actively sold in both English and Spanish.

Nina is married to David Conrad (David Conrad); at the moment they have two sons.