Nina Agapova

Picture of Nina Agapova

Date of Birth: 05/30/1926

Age: 90

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Her parents were originally from the same village, out of Kolomna, they soon came to Moscow to work. My mother got a job in 14 years at a textile factory, his father traded in the private store. His father died in August 45th from tuberculosis.

Nina was artistic and had a beautiful voice. In 15 years, in the midst of the war, she was admitted to the Russian folk choir Yarkova name and traveled with him all over the country. She has performed in the Far East, Asia, and even in the Crimea on the Karelian front, where the actors were taken to the forefront of the carts, so as not to create noise. The choir Nina Agapov "promoted" to the soloist, and she entrusted the main role of the Bride in the pageant "Russian wedding". But she did not like the role because it was necessary to give a loud cry, and cry, Nina did not like. She drew the element of humor, mischief, like to laugh and fool around. Then she did not understand its nature, I am not aware of his artistry and sincerely surprised when the director of the club, which played the chorus, came up to her after the show and said, "Girl, you need to learn."


After the war, the young film spun vortex. Many ran to the "Mosfilm" removed in the crowd. Nina is also fascinated by the work in the movies, but his hobby seriously, it did not take. Until one day on the set of the movie "Man