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Year of birth : 1993

Age: 22 year

Place of birth : Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyDespite its name, a group of "Nile" (in translation - Nil) is of American origin. Just the name reflected craze team members (mainly Charles Sanders) history and culture of the Middle East, particularly Egypt. The team was founded in 1993 by Karl Sanders (guitar, vocals), Chifom Spayrsom (bass ,vocals) and Pete Hammour (drums) .

The musicians took not too long to combine Egyptological aspirations and brutal riffs into one, thus obtaining a death metal with Middle Eastern flavor. After the ring 1994 demo tape, the band recorded "Festivals of Atonement",which is implemented through the "Anubis Records". At this point, "Nile" has had a good experience live performances by the opening act for "Obituary", "Deicide", "Broken Hope" and "Six Feet Under".

In 1996, the band recorded three new songs ,who managed to attach to the freshly baked label "Visceral Productions" and released in the form of EP "Ramses Bringer of War". The group was about to record the debut polnometrazhki, when it became clear that the firm "Visceral" bankrupt. However, thanks to their concerts "Nile" has come to the attention "Relapse Records",and so the musicians did not remain " homeless. "

NileVyshedshy in 1998 disc "Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka" stormed the metal underground. A fancy riffs, killer drums, ecstatic guitar solos and furious onslaught trehgolosy were flavored with exotic instrumentation and " Middle East " passages ,due to what the group has become one of the most interesting teams, working in the genre of death. After the release, the team held a half years on the road, first toured up and down all the States, and then making the company "Morbid Angel" in their world tour. During this time, the team had a second guitarist Dallas Toler - Wade ,and the failed Hammour substituted Tony Loreno (ex- "Angel Corpse"). At the end of the tour, seeing that their work is very much in demand, the musicians took up the preparation of the second album.

This time, the idea of the team were so ambitious that their implementation has taken away a very long time. Only on writing texts Sanders took a whole year, and the Toledo - Wade as much tormented, bringing to perfection just one song, "Multitude of Foes". Finally, in spring 2000 the team gathered in the studio "Soundlab", to bring the matter to an end under the supervision of producer Bob Moore. The sound of "Black Seeds Of Vengeance" has turned out a bit more epic and much more " colorful " through the use of exotic instruments such as the tabla, sitar, tempura, gongs and the like

NileNezadolgo before the release of this album was released on CD "In the Beginnig", combines the "Festivals of Atonement" and "Ramses Bringer of War".While the musicians cut circles in support of "Black Seeds", listeners and critics continued to exude their enthusiasm. The culmination of success was the recognition of the second polnometrazhki " Nile ", " album of the year " in the magazine "Terrorizer". However, the group was unable to fully enjoy the good fortune, as internal disagreements erupted led to the departure Chifa Spayrsa. As a result of a long search, the new bass player was John weight of "Dark Moon". In 2002, an updated configuration again went to "Soundlab", that together with Bob Moore nastrogat another batch of powerful death metal epics.

Tour,related output "In Their Darkened Shrines" included not only Euro-Amerikan become traditional circles, but hedlaynersky tour of Japan. In 2004, the group started again personnel upheavals : first place behind the drums took George Kollias, then John weight was replaced by Joe Payne, and then all the team was left without a bassist. But,Despite all these troubles, the band did not stop its activities in 2005, pleased his fans with a new full-length opus titled "Annihilation Of The Wicked".

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