Nikolay Volkov

Picture of Nikolay Volkov

Date of Birth: 03/10/1934

Age: 69

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: Russia



Nikolai Volkov (Jr.) was born October 3, 1934 in Odessa in the family of the actor Nikolai Volkov senior.

In 1957 he graduated from Odessa Art College and until 1958 he worked at the Odessa television studio as an assistant director. In 1958 he enrolled in the acting department of the WTU them BV Shchukin at the Theater. Eugene. Vakhtangov (class of People`s Artist of Russia Igor Rappoport).

He remembers a friend and a long-term partner, Nikolai Volkov - Olga Yakovleva, "On youth Kohl was kakim-to" separate "person. ST PE all, he`s had such ... individual piece. No one else is like. It was a special artistic intelligence . He was never straight, on the contrary, art, paradoxically, unpredictable. From him it was impossible to wait any aggression, any manifestation of anger. It was kakoy-to alloy intelligentsia. He was alien to show. there was nothing superficial. He was a natural, what is supposed to be normal intelligent person. "

In 1962, Nikolai Volkov, Jr. graduated from the Shchukin School and became an actor of the Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya.

The theater on Malaya Bronnaya fate brought Volkov, the director Anatoly Efros. Since 1968, Nike Nikolaevich became the leading actor of the theater. Actress Olga Yakovleva says: "Kolya loved in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, and Anatoly Efros ... Nick was busy almost all the performances Efros, was an indispensable part of efrosovskogo Theatre: Play the" Lethe and smoke "by Williams, not to mention the fact, both on his personality lay "Marriage", where he played Podkolesin. Almost every year, Kohl played some stellar role, which had a public interest in the theatrical Moscow. "

In 1987, after the death of Efros, Nikolai Volkov joined the troupe of the Moscow theater Mayakovsky. There he played Seneca ( "Theatre of the time of Nero and Seneca" Edvard Radzinsky), Klim Samgin ( "Clim" Gorky) and other roles.

The last work of outstanding actor was the role of Claudius and the shadow of Hamlet`s father in the play "Hamlet" staged at the Moscow Drama Theater, KS Stanislavsky.


Filming actor began in the mid-1960s and went on to star until his last years. Among the notable films with the participation of Nikolai Volkov can be called a musical picture of Alexander Orlov, "The woman who sings" detective Igor Usov "Sicilian Defence" and "Night at the fourth round of" children`s films "Girl, you want to be in the movies?", Taken by Adolf Bergunker and "Magic black and white" Naum Birman, historical and biographical tape of Alexander Proshkina "Mikhail Lomonosov".

However, to fully express myself in the movie, unlike the theater, this talented actor failed. And it is - despite the more than five dozen roles. "For Kolya personality of the director was not found It is necessary to go out bright, extraordinary if he worked with Tarkovsky, Khutsiev, it probably would have happened.." - Says Olga Yakovleva.

Nikolai Volkov Award winning was not spoiled. Only after the melodrama "The Garden Was Full of Moon" (2000), his work has been appreciated properly. He became the winner of several festivals: the International Festival of Film Actors "Constellation", Moscow International Film Festival (IFF), and the Open Film Festival of CIS and Baltic countries.


The former wife of Nikolai Volkov - a popular theater and film actress Olga Volkova. Interestingly, the name she received not by Nikolai Volkov, and from her first husband - also an actor Volkov.

The son - Ivan Volkov - an actor of the theater "Contemporary", in films.

Nikolai Volkov remembers as a very modest man. He never suited lush anniversaries. But he loved his family, his children, and that he was happy.

Nikolai Volkov died on 70 th year of the terrible and serious illness - cancer of the blood.