Nikolay Vlasik

Picture of Nikolay Vlasik

Citizenship: Russia


Born in Baranovichi region, Belarusian. A member of the RCP (B) since 1918. The bodies of the Cheka in 1919 in the protection of Stalin appeared in 1931 on the recommendation of VR Menzhinsky (S. Alliluyeva writes that Vlasic was the bodyguard of Stalin in 1919). In 1938-1942 gg. - Head of the 1st department GUGB NKVD in 1941-1942. - NKGB-NKVD. In the 1942-1943 biennium. - Deputy head of the 1st department of the NKVD. In 1943 - Head of the 6th directorate of the NKGB of the USSR and the Chief of the 1st Division of the 6th directorate of the NKGB USSR. In 1946 - authorized the MGB of Sochi-Gagra district; in the 1946-1952 biennium. - Head of the protection of the MGB.

He was awarded three Orders of Lenin, four Orders of the Red Banner, the Order of Kutuzov I degree, medals.

Vlasic has held the longest in Stalin`s protection. At the same time on his shoulders were almost all the problems of everyday life of the President. Essentially, Vlasic was a member of Stalin`s family. After the death of NS Alliluyeva was also tutor children organized their leisure, economic and financial manager. Holiday residence of Stalin along with a staff of protection, maids, housekeepers and cooks are also subject Vlasik. And there were many: dacha in Kuntsevo-Volyn, or "Near Dacha" (in 1934-1953 years - the main residence of Stalin, 1 where he died.) Summer residence in Gorki-tenths (35 km from Moscow on the road of the Assumption) , the old manor house on the Dmitrov highway - Limes, a summer residence in the Semenov (the house was built before the war), giving in Zubalovo-4 ( "Further Dacha", "Zubalovo"), 2 cottage on lake Riza, or "cottage on the Cold river" (in mouth of the river. Lashupse, which flows into the lake. Ritz), three cottages in Sochi (one - near Matsesta, the other - for Adler, the third - before reaching Gagra) house in Borjomi (Liakansky Palace), giving in New Athos, giving in Tskhaltubo, cottage in Myuserah (about Pitsunda), house in Kislovodsk, a summer residence in Crimea (in Muholatke), giving in Valdai.

After World War II three of the Crimean palace, which stopped the government delegations of the Allied Powers in 1945, have also been "conserved" under these cottages. It - Liwa-by Indian Palace (former royal, where in the early 1920s opened a sanatorium for peasants), Vorontsov in Alupka (where before the war was a museum), the Yusupov in Koreiz. Another former royal palace - Massandra (Alexander III), too, has become a "state dacha."

Formally, it was thought that there may be all the rest of the Politburo members, but usually, except Stalin and Zhdanov, and sometimes Molotov 3 of nobody used. However, in each of the villas all year had a large number of workers, all contained in this form, as if the leader is constantly here. Even lunch for Stalin and his potential guests prepared every day and taken under the act, regardless of whether it has one. This order has played a certain conspiratorial role: no one was supposed to know where Stalin and what his plans (Ascent 1990.