Nikolay Vinogradov

Picture of Nikolay Vinogradov

Date of Birth: 1831

Age: 55

Citizenship: Russia


Up to 14 years of age was brought up partly at home under the guidance of his father, a priest, in the house of lords in part Vyksinskih plants Shepeleva. In the 1845-55 biennium. studied at the Nizhny Novgorod Theological Seminary, in 1851 he entered the Moscow University in the Faculty of Medicine. On the occasion of the Crimean campaign, he completed the course for accelerated release in 1855 and defined as a doctor in the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, who was then in the kingdom Polskom.V Warsaw Vinogradov worked in the Alexander military hospital and quickly prepared for doctoral exams and recognized in 1858, was a medical the kingdom of the meeting of the Polish doctor of medicine. In 1860-61 he was assigned to the St. Petersburg Academy of surgery, where he enrolled as an intern in a therapeutic clinic, where he headed the Shipulinsky professor, then professor of Botkin; under the leadership of the last Vinogradov I worked for about a year. Also attended the lecture by Professor Rudneva.G.Vinogradov Thins clouds / G.Vinogradov N.Rimsky-Korsakov Romance In 1861 Vinogradov was sent to 2 years abroad, where he worked in the clinics Traube, Frerihsa, Skoda, Oppolzer, Bamberger, and Trousseau Piorri and famous postmortem Institute Virchow; physiological chemistry - under the leadership of Kyune.V 1863 Vinogradov was elected an extraordinary professor at the Department of the private pathology and therapy at the University of Kazan, shortly afterwards the head of the faculty and the clinic in 1864 - an ordinary professor. At the University Vinogradov spoke figure at a time when the medical faculty began updated when instead of professors of foreign, often did not know the Russian language and to read Latin or in broken Russian language, preferring medical natural-philosophical deduction, observation and experience - made by young Russian people prevailing in their social views under the influence of the reforms 60-ies, in scientific -.. under the influence of ideas and discoveries of Virchow, Claude Bernard, Pasteur and others in Kazan Vinogradov became the most prominent representative of the new napravleniya.Kak professor, he created at the University of school, from which came many a venerable practitioners and professors, such as, Levitsky, Neschastlivtsev, hamsters, Kotovschikov; as a public figure, he together with Professor Karl H. Kuchin founded the "Society of Physicians" in Kazan, and in 1868 was elected the first chairman. In his own participation was founded in Kazan Society welfare poor students, which was formed from the initial fund fees at public lectures delivered Vinogradovym.S 1870 to 1878 was dean of the medical faculty. As a practitioner enjoyed huge popularity throughout the Volga-Kama region and Siberia. In the audience of faculty clinic put his portrait; hospital set up in a suburban Admiralty Quarter in the late merit memory for the city was awarded the title of "Vinogradov"; Finally, the "Company doctors" was going to fund named Vinogradov Prize for the best essays on the works of Vinogradov terapii.Uch