Nikolay Vedernikov

Picture of Nikolay Vedernikov

Date of Birth: 12/17/1934

Age: 81

Place of birth: Anzhero-Sudzhensk

Citizenship: Russia


Born December 17, 1934 in Anzhero-Sudzhensk Kemerovo region in the family miner.

In 1957 he graduated from the Tomsk State University. Kuibyshev.

After graduation he worked in local government bodies, including the secretary of the district executive committee. Elected deputy of the District Council and a member of the executive committee.

Since 1959, he taught at the university, where he rose from assistant to professor. In 1966 he defended at Moscow State University master`s thesis on the topic "Study of offender in the course of the investigation", and in 1981 - his doctoral thesis on "The identity of the accused in the Soviet Criminal Justice (concept, object and method of study)."

In 1990 he was head of the Department of Criminology Faculty of Law of Tomsk State University.

For a number of years been active in the scientific and educational society "Knowledge", being the chairman of the section to promote legal knowledge of the Tomsk regional organization of the Society and a member of the Board. In 1990 he was nominated by the organization as a candidate for deputies of the RSFSR.

He became deputy of the RSFSR on Leninsky territorial district N698 Tomsk region, won the second round of voting.

On the I Congress of People`s Deputies of the RSFSR he was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Commission of Pardons, a member of the Armed Forces of the Committee on Legislation, chairman of the subcommittee of the Committee on the Armed Forces of law and order and combating crime. From 1990 to October 1991 - Member of the parliamentary group "For questions of upbringing, education, science and culture," deputy faction "Russian." He was a member of the Constitutional Commission.

He was one of the developers of the concept of the bill of a single investigative committee of Russia. He was a member of the working group for writing the relevant law. Subsequently, the bill was passed in the first reading, but the law did not become.

The main activity in the RSFSR Supreme Soviet Vedernikov was working as Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Commission for Clemency Board. During the year, through the Department of the unit and through the Commission accordingly held several tens of thousands of cases. The results of their review were reported at each meeting of the Presidium of the Supreme Soveta.stoyal the CPSU until August 1991.

Judge of the Constitutional Court was elected (nominated faction "Russian") in the Russian Congress of People`s Deputies in the first round of voting ( "for" - 589, "against" - 303). October 30 Nikolai Vedernikov resigned his elected position.

February 14, 1995 is included in the composition of the Second Chamber of the COP. He was a member of the Budget Committee, Finance and Administration.

The powers were terminated December 31, 1999 in connection with reaching the age of 65, he served as a judge until 16 February 2000.


Medal "For valorous work. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin`s birth" (1970)

Medal "For Service to the Tomsk State University" (1998)

Order RANS "For merits in development of science and economy" 1st degree "