Nikolay Vasiliev

Picture of Nikolay Vasiliev

Date of Birth: 06/29/1880

Age: 60

Citizenship: Russia


Nikolai Vasilyev (June 29, 1880, Kazan - 31 December 1940) - philosophy, ethics, psychologist, historian, poet and translator; scientist, anticipating the development of an imaginary system (nearistotelevoy) and the main branches of modern non-classical logic.

In 1898 he entered the Medical Faculty of the University of Kazan (passing with the basic disciplines of listening course in philosophy). In June 1904 okanchil school and worked as a doctor in the village Shatma Yadrinsky County. In the same year he married Catherine Stepanovna Zavyalova.

In one of his letters to his wife (1905) he writes about his passion for the philosophy of Hegel, an accompanying letter with the words "the whole world to bring the concept of single ... ... at least proudly conceived." If you get to the semantic content of quotes, we can note a raid of skepticism with respect to the paradigm of Hegel`s thought.

In 1906, Nikolai candidates completed the treatise "The question of the fall of the Western Roman Empire and ancient culture in historiographical literature and the history of philosophy in relation to the theory of exhaustion of the peoples and of humanity."

From November 1910 - Assistant Professor of the Department of Philosophy, University of Kazan.

By 1910 - 1914 years. are innovative works NA Vasilyeva on logic, which he called imaginary and which anticipates the multi-valued, paraprotivorechivye, mnogomernyei other non-classical logic.

1913 - teaches the course "Reading excerpts from the works included in the Organon of Aristotle."

In 1914 leads a lecture on metaphysics of Aristotle.

It should be noted that the structure of academic professors was transferred by decree of the Council of People`s Commissars (1918), but in 1922 was sent to retirement (at age 42!). Aggravated illness (manic-depressive illness) has led to family drama and led it until his death living in a psychiatric clinic. He died December 31, 1940


Paternal grandfather: Vasily Vasilyev (1818-1900) - the largest Russian Sinologist, Academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

Father: Alexander Vasilyev (1853-1929) - mathematician, one of the founders of the Kazan Physical-Mathematical Society, advocate the ideas of Lobachevskii.

Mother: Alexandra Vasilyeva / her grandfather was a famous navigator of the sloop "Diana", the equipped in 1807 for the study of the Pacific Ocean.

Maternal grandfather: Pavel Pavlovich Maximovich - a prominent figure in public education in the Tver province, the organizer Zemsky schools.

Maternal grandmother: Akhmatova Khlebnikov - its ancestors eminent participants of major historical events in Russia. Klebnikov`s daughter became the wife of P. Maksimovic, giving the mother`s life NA Vasiliev.