Nikolay Svedlovidov

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Date of Birth: 12/17/1889

Age: 80

Place of birth: Kursk

Citizenship: Russia


Born 5 (17) December 1889 in Kursk. This name - Grizzly. In 1909, he enrolled in a private Opera and Drama Studio M.E.Medvedeva, the second course which was accepted into the troupe N.I.Solovtsova. Then he worked in theaters in Orenburg, Irkutsk, Kiev, Kharkov, Penza, Tashkent, Rostov-on-Don under the pseudonym Svetlovidov. Played the role of provincial theaters characters:. Ferdinand Chatsky Neznamov, Figaro, etc. In 1933, Nikolai Afanasievich came to the Little Theater, making his debut in the role of SHVANDYA ( "Love Spring" Trenev). The best role: Weevil, Crimea ( "In the steppes of Ukraine", the Stalin Prize, 1942; "Snowball Grove" Korniychuk) Murzavetskaya, Lynyaev ( "Wolves and Sheep" Ostrovsky), BOBCHINSKI ( "The Inspector General" by Gogol), Zaitsev ( "Moscow character "Sofronova, Stalin Prize, 1949), REPETILOV (" Woe from Wit "Griboyedov), Consul (" Stole consul "Mdivani) Kosyh (" Ivanov "Chekhov) and others. Mild humor, precision external image, depth psychological distinguishes many work actor. Conducted as an active concert and appeared in films (since 1932).

Died November 20, 1970 in Moscow. The urn with the ashes buried in the Novodevichy cemetery columbarium.


1. Secret Mission - 1950 - German resident

2. Wolves and Sheep - 1952

3. Wings - 1956

4. They met on the road - 1957

5. Light Distant Star - 1964

6. The Brothers Karamazov - 1968 - Maksimov

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