Nikolay Rybnikov

Picture of Nikolay Rybnikov

Date of Birth: 08/22/1879

Age: 76

Citizenship: Russia


Born 10 (22) August 1879 Creative activity began in polulyubitelsky performances in summer entreprise. As a professional actor was made in 1898 in Serpukhov, then I played in the province (Ryazan, Tbilisi, Ufa, Nikolaev, Pskov, Vilnius) for 20 years. From 1918 he served in Moscow, Kharkov, Baku, and later - at the Theatre Korsch, from 1927 he worked at the Maly Theater.

In Romashov`s play "Fire Bridge" Stange played - security officer, a soldier of the revolution. This role has begun a series of images in which Rybnikov revealed the best character traits of the Soviet man - his indomitable will to win, humanism and love for the Motherland, courage in the face of death. These are Andrew ( "Clear log" Trenev) Stashinsky ( "Defeat" on Fadeyev). In 1933, in the play Leonova "Skutarevsky" Rybnikov played the title role, he created the image of a scientist of the old school, a man of deep thought, who gave his vast experience the young republic of Soviets. Played well rolBogdana Khmelnitsky (AP Korniychuk).

Rybnikov was clearly a national actor, reproduced in their scenic images of Russian nature of man, his contemporary.

Played heroic and characteristically heroic role. The roles of the classical repertoire: Gregory ( "Fruits of Enlightenment"), Franz Moor; Vanyushin ( "Children Vanyushina"). Other roles: Nikolai Skrobotov ( "enemies"), Grozny ( "True - good, but happiness is better" Ostrovsky), Spike ( "Front"), Pshentsov ( "Life" Panferova), Prince Tugouhovsky ( "Woe from Wit").

I remembered not only as a master of the stage, but also as an actor of silent films. Filmed in 1913

Died January 21, 1956 in Moscow. He was buried in the Novodevichy cemetery.


1. The driver Ukhtomsky - 1926

2. Ice House ( "Byron and Volyn `) - 1928

3. Prosperity - 1932

4. Last Night - 1936 - Leontiev, father

5. The Battle of Stalingrad - 1949 - Vayhs

6. Secret Mission - 1950 - Vanderkorn

7. The Auditor - 1952