Nikolay Potapov

Picture of Nikolay Potapov

Date of birth: 02.04.1985

Age: 31

Citizenship: Russia


Nikolay Potapov graduated from Yaroslavl State Theatre Institute with a degree in dramatic actor of theater and cinema. He is currently studying at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts.


In the movie, Nicholas began to appear in 2005. At first, they were bit parts: the Soviet soldiers during the French-Russian film director Christophe de Ponfilli "Star Soldier" bully in the series directed by Alexander Loya "Blind-2."

The first great work of the actor was the role of a medical student nicknamed Forceps in the series "I`m flying." It`s the story of the relationship of medical students, their growing up. In the eyes of the audience are transformed from ordinary young gay and reckless people experienced doctors. Hero Nikolai Potapov - a timid, awkward, lanky young man (for which, strictly speaking, and got his nickname). However, Tweezers has a light, sociable character, and this attracts others.

The series attracted the attention of the audience to the young actor, and, probably, it will be interesting to see his new work in movies scheduled for release in 2008: Action Ribbon Alexander Kasatkin "Weapons" (Hacker) and family film directed by Sergei Lalin "Father" (broker Zvonarev).


2005 L`Etoile du soldat / L`etoile du soldat (France, Russia)

2006 Blind-2

2007 Moscow was not built in Moscow Stories

2008 I fly - series

2008 Weapons

2008 Father (one family)

2008 Parental toast