Nikolay Pavlovskiy

Picture of Nikolay Pavlovskiy

Date of Birth: 03/12/1919

Age: 92

Place of Birth: Karachi

Citizenship: Russia


Nikolai Ivanovich Pavlovsky was born on November 20 (3 of December) 1912 in Karachev. His father owned a printing house, but it was nationalized after the revolution - it was a heavy blow for Ivan Pavlovsky, and because of that he died soon after. Nicholas was the youngest of seven children in the family after his father`s death, he and his mother moved to Moscow. Nicholas began work as a child - cloakroom attendant in a barber shop, then an assistant electrician in the theater, while his mother got a job as a cleaner in the Club of Artists.

For the first time on stage Nicholas Pawlowski came at age 13 as part of the children`s group "Blue Blouse", and in 16 years, together with svoim18-year-old friend Sergei Castellan prepared acrobatic comic number with which they went on tour to the south. Shortly thereafter, the two entered the circus school, from which he graduated in 1933.

In 1930, Nicholas took his stage name Nicki Otto, who used up to the 1960s. At the beginning of the 1930s he was in the company of the Moscow Music Hall, where he worked for several years before it was closed in 1936. For the first time on the screen Otto appeared in 1934 in the famous film "Jolly Fellows", in which he and his constant companion, Sergei Castellan, instigators played on a grand fight Nikolai repetitsii.Ispolnenie role of Charlie Chaplin in the movie 1936 "Circus" was personally mentioned by Stalin who even offered to drop the separate film "about Chaplin" with Nicky Otto in the lead role, but these plans were never implemented.

During the war, he played in the theater of the Moscow police, "hawk", which put the number on the topics of the day; where he met his first wife, Raisa Kolomiets writer, co-authored with whom he wrote and published the play "Alley of happiness" and "Ted."

At the end of 1950 organized the "Moscow Youth Ensemble pantomime" which lasted ten years. Since 1969, a long time engaged in directing rooms, helping budding entertainers.

According to the workbook actor Nikolai Ivanovich retired at the age of 95 years.

As of the year 2009 was married to the artist Svetlana Dmitrievna Znoyko.

Nikolai Ivanovich Pavlovsky died March 23, 2012 in Moscow. The urn with his ashes buried in the cemetery of Vedeno.


1934 - Funny guys - musician, the instigator of the fight in rehearsal

1936 - Dawn of Paris - a magician (not listed in the credits)

1936 - Circus - Charlie Chaplin

1937 - Our Circus (k / m) - Charlie Chaplin

1938 - Volga-Volga - the cook, the player on spoons

1941 - The Adventures of Korzinkina - fire in a theater stage