Nikolay Pastuhov

Picture of Nikolay Pastuhov

Date of Birth: 05/13/1923

Age: 91

Place of birth: Surazh

Citizenship: Russia


Best played the role in the film "The Stationmaster," "A Few Days in the Life I.I.Oblomova," "Uncle Vanya," "Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano".

M.Kushnerova critic wrote about Nikolai Pastukhov: "His temperament - temperament not force the vocal cords, his sincerity is far from maudlin sentimentality, his reflections on life - not an idle philosophizing, calculated to strike kogo-to eccentricity judgment. Artistic creation Pastukhov seem so ordinary. "

At the scene, Nikolai Pastukhov came even before the war - played in the school drama club. Then the police acted in amateur propaganda team. On the front left-ordinary infantryman. Many years later, the actor has repeatedly played the role of front-line soldiers, the directors believe that it is convincing in these images like no other.

He started in the theater of the Soviet Army in the crowd, and, Shepherds loved crowd scenes, carefully thinking out their silent outputs characters "heroes", writing his biography. Then-tomolodogo actor and director A.D.Popov noticed and decided that Shepherd has a pronounced "negative charisma". Actor has changed a lot of miserable fellows, and with the years moved to the "confessional" noble role.

People`s Artist of Russia (1977).

He studied at the Theater School. Shchepkin (1941). Since 1945 - an actor TSTKA, 1953 - Tambov Drama Theatre. Lunacharsky, in 1957-1958 - the theater "Contemporary", 1958 - Central Academic teatraSovetskoy Army.

Winner of the All-Union Film Festival in the category `Awards for acting work for 1976 ".

Among the films:

Slave of Love (1975) - writer

Presumption of innocence (1988) - Peter Nikitich

"ALARM" - the daughter of Cops (1989) - the grandfather of Valeria

Tram in Moscow (1995)


The investigation leading experts (1971-1989) - in the movies: CASE N08. ESCAPE (1973), CASE N11. Any price (1977)

St. Petersburg secrets (1994-1995)

Turkish March (2000) - the film Killer SYNDICATE