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Date of Birth: 05/22/1941

Age: 68

Place of birth: e. Opihalino

Citizenship: Ukraine

Nikolai Olyalin: Honest honest role in movies

Birthplace of the famous actor - Opihalino village near Vologda, now exists only on the map. He was born on May 22, exactly one month before the start of the war, and became the youngest of three sons, Vladimir Olyalin tailor, were seriously injured in the Finnish war. According to the actor, his first impression of the war happened after graduation, when in Vologda Pass the set of demobilized soldiers, and almost everyone was and awards, and injuries. Nicholas grew up together with his elder brother began attending theater workshop in the House of Officers. Guys attracted not so much by the scene, but the fact that members of the circle could attend film screenings is free. Unexpectedly Kohl became interested in playing in the performances, although his contemporaries were critical of the studies of this kind, and more than once derided skinny and shy boy. Olyalin Sr. also did not consider theater a worthy occupation for his son, also he knew Vologda `okane` reduce his chances for admission. So after school Nicholas went to Leningrad to enter the military-topographical school. However, the love of the theater has won. Young people especially failed the entrance exams, and then took the documents to the Theatre Institute, now ECWG. Gaining course, Alexander Ian could see in a provincial high school seniors and talent, and charismatic appearance. Olyalin was enrolled in college and three years worked as a teacher of elocution, until completely get rid of the provincial dialect.

In 1964, the entire issue of the acting department was sent to the Krasnoyarsk Theatre for Young People. First job Olyalin Nicholas was not too happy for him. Trouble with the principal director, episodic roles - all this could crush a man with a weak character. Nikolai successfully auditioned for the film `Days letnye` and played a major role in the pilot Boldyrev (with him in the film debuted and Vera Alentova). After the film`s release in 1966 the talented young actor began to receive many invitations to audition, including in such landmark films as `Saturn almost viden`,` Shield and mech`, `Mayor Vihr` - but by order of the management theater, these formal requests he was not transferred.

However, in this difficult time for yourself Nicholas met a girl who became central to his life. A graduate of the Pedagogical Institute Nellie worked in Komsomol district committee, engaged in the organization of festive and cultural events. Their first meeting took place at a poetry evening in a youth cafe, where Nicholas was reading poetry. And the actor himself, and his manner of performance really liked the girl, and she invited Olyalin perform in the gala concert on November 7th. On New Year`s young people were in the same company, and since then no longer apart. In 1966 they had a son, Vladimir.

The first success came to Nicholas Olyalin unexpectedly. An employee of the theater, perturbed unfair treatment administration to the talented actor, told him about the invitation to audition for a new movie `Osvobozhdenie`. Nicholas issued a medical certificate, said he would undergo sanatorium treatment, and went to Moscow. Director Yu Ozerov confirmed him to be one of the main characters, Captain Tsvetaeva. The first film of the grand epic, `Fire duga`, released in 1969. It is based on episodes of the novel writer-soldier Bondarev `were laid battalions are asked ognya`, tells the story of the Battle of Kursk. The film shows a real trench truth favorably with monumental kinopostanovok previous years. What zhekasaetsya Olyalin, the young actor has managed not only to screen the beauty and charisma of the hero, but also to convey his courage and perseverance, without falling into pathos and melodrama.

After the success of the picture Olyalin family moved to Kiev and was employed by the film studio Dovzhenko. Nelly started to work at the Palace of Pioneers, the son went to kindergarten in Kiev and quickly mastered the Ukrainian language. Filming of the epic continued. Along with them trehseriynom telefilm `turning back net` actor played a major Toporkova, escaped from a concentration camp, and orderly Krapilina in the film` Beg` (both works 1970). The success enjoyed by Andrei Klimenko, and the role of the military-adventure film `Derzost`, did not go unnoticed, and a police colonel in the legendary` gentleman udachi` (1971). The actor himself performed all the stunts, famously rode a horse, masterfully owned weapons and fencing. Popularity Olyalin growing, it informally called cinema sex symbol. Corresponds to the rank of an invasion of fans Nellie Ivanovna suffered calmly and even with humor, she knew that her husband in the first place will always be a family. And that`s not uncommon for many actors alcohol bothered her much more. But in 1973, after the birth of a daughter, Olga, Olyalin voluntarily underwent treatment in the drug treatment clinic, after which the rest of his life refused even from beer and medicines containing alcohol.

Prior to the beginning of the nineties the actor has played in 30 films, although none of them was unable to repeat the success of `` Osvobozhdeniya` and turning back net`. Among the most notable works Olyalin be called Bert Simpson `Raging zolote` (1976), prospector Silanti in` Propane ekspeditsii` (1975) and `Golden rechke` (1976),` silent in Russia molodoy` (1981-1982), Wrangel in `The banks in tumane` (1985). The last film for which the actor studied in detail the biography of Wrangel, nearly cost him the ban on shooting.

The nineties have changed the orientation film and the tastes of the audience. In 1990 Olyalin tried his hand as a screenwriter and director. But the films `` Neotstrelyannaya muzyka` and warm mosaic retro` passed almost unnoticed. In 1995-1996, Nikolay Vladimirovich participated in `Russian proekte` played combiner in two episodes of` All we poluchitsya`, memorable audience question: `` Before the rain will clean?.

In 1997, Nikolai Vasilyevich needed urgent heart surgery. All the family savings were frozen in the passbook. Part of the necessary funds allocated Kiev enterprises, and the principal amount of collected Olyalin friend, Air Force Commander Deinekin. Bypass surgery of the aorta was recorded on tape, it was assumed that it would be the subject of a television movie on medical clinic Amosov. However, Nikolai Vladimirovich complete the project was not possible - the operator transferred the footage on TV, and the actor was unable to prove their rights to it.

Nevertheless, health Olyalin went on the mend, he went on to star. Among his roles of that period - Inquisitor in `dozore` Night (2004) and` dozore` the Day (2005), `Samohin in Esenine` (2005). The last role of the famous actor began looking at San Sanych `Bear Ohote` and Olga`s father` Presumptions viny` (2007). Further pictures began to interfere with the constant pain, the actor who took over the aggravation of long-standing gastritis. However, it turned out that way made themselves known chronic heart problems.

December 29, 2009 Nicholas Olyalin died. It rests on Baykovoye cemetery of Kiev, next to its famous colleagues Leonid Bykov and Bronislaw Brondukova.

Author: Antonin Balakina

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