Nikolay Kutuzov

Picture of Nikolay Kutuzov

Date of Birth: 06/05/1897

Age: 83

Place of birth: Kyshtym

Citizenship: Russia


Talented epizodnik, a leading actor of silent films. Appeared in films: "The Cross and Mauser" (Jerome Desnitsky), "Murder on Dante Street" (graben), "Wii" (witch).

Nikolai Kutuzov actor`s activity began in the province, private entreprise. At the same time he began to act in films. The 20-30s played a prominent role in the film "In the rear of the white" (Anisimov - "Owl"), "arrest warrant" (Valery), "Prisoners of the sea" (Nicholas Lehr), "The cavalry rides" (esaul Gr), "Feast of St. Jorgen" (chief of police), "The Mystery of Kara-Tau" (Kuznetsov), "Year of the 19th" (representative of the small powers).

During the war, Kutuzov was in front of acting brigades and directed amateur. Then, with the years, he has worked only in the movies, mostly at "Mosfilm". He played small bit parts, often performed in the most eccentric characters: the Portuguese ( "A Captain at Fifteen"), a patient-artist ( "Grasshopper"), an Indian ( "The Mexican"), the White Guard General ( "Quiet Flows the Don"), Juan Santos ( "Heirs"), black man ( "Mozart and Salieri") prompter ( "Darling"). The most famous role - the "Wii" witch in the film adaptation of Gogol.

In 1918-1922 years - an actor of private theatrical enterprises in Tobolsk, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Tomsk. In 1922-1924 he studied in the studio of "Creativity" n / p B.Chaykovskogo, at the same time - Executive director of the theater of the Primorsky district council in Khabarovsk. Since 1923 - the state of the film studio "State Committee for Cinematography" (later - "Mosfilm"), and since 1939 - and in the state film studio of VGIK. In 1926-1927 he taught at the studio on the radio and in Mosoblfilarmonii. In 1941-1942 - member of the front-line concert brigades, then - director of amateur collective union of coal industry workers.

The director of the popular science film "For sports games" (1930), sorezhiss