Nikolay Kun

Picture of Nikolay Kun

Date of Birth: 05/21/1877

Age: 63

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from Moscow University (1903) and worked in Tver in the female teachers` seminary them. P. Maksimovic. In 1905 he worked in the University Ed. Meyer in Berlin. In late 1906 he returned to Tver; He was elected Chairman of the Board of Tver private secondary school. With the opening of the People`s University in Tver in January 1907 I read in this school lectures on the history of culture.

In 1908 he was elected Professor of World History, Moscow Higher Women`s teacher training courses based at the Society of educators and teachers to them. DI Tikhomirov, lectured before the closing rate in 1918. At the same time he taught history in the educational institutions of Moscow, lectured at the Moscow Society of Public Universities.

In 1911-1912 supervised excursions Russian teachers in Rome, he lectured at the Roman Museum on the history of ancient art, Roman Forum, Palatine. Since 1915 Professor of the Moscow City University. AL Shanyavsky in the department of the history of religions.

Since 1920 Professor of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Moscow State University. At the same time he taught the history of culture the 1 st Moscow Pedagogical Institute (1918-1925). From 1935 to death was a professor of the institute (Moscow State Institute of History, Philosophy and Literature).

From 1933 he was editor of the ancient history of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia and Small Soviet Encyclopedia, written hundreds of articles and essays.

Published a translation of "dark Letters people" (1907), wrote the book "Tales of the African peoples" (1910), "Mohammed and Mohammedanism" (1915), "Italy 1914" (1915), two volumes of "Tales of the Gypsies" (1921 and 1922), "Antecedents of Christianity (oriental culture vRimskoy Empire)" (1922), "Primitive religion" (1922), "Tales of the Great ocean islands" (1922). However niabolshey fame still enjoys a book written in 1914 "for students and senior students of secondary schools, as well as for all those interested in the mythology of the Greeks and Romans." Under its original name, "What was told by the ancient Greeks and Romans for their gods and heroes` book was published in 1922 and 1937. Since 1940 she neodnokatno reprinted in mass editions, entitled" Legends and Myths of Ancient Greece ".