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Date of Birth: 12/26/1966

Age: 49

Place of birth: Alexandria

Citizenship: Russia

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Author: Andrew Puminov

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Nicholas Kozak - film and theater actor, one of the most charismatic figures in contemporary cinema. His first steps in understanding the acting Nikolai Lvov did in theater studio. After graduating from the training, the young man entered the Kazan Theatre School, he moved to Tatarstan. Prior to the future actor had to work at home in the Academic Theater Maria Zankovetska. Theater School Nikolay successfully graduated in 1991 and stayed for 15 years in Kazan, becoming a theater actor named Kachalov. During his work in the theater Kozak has been involved in many performances, most of which are productions of the works of Russian and foreign classics. From theater roles is to provide Rogozhina in `` Idiot Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Hermann in The Queen of Spades `` Pushkin Podkolesin in `` Marriage of Gogol, Dr. Astrova in `` Uncle Vanya by AP Chekhov, directed by Ferdinand `` love and Intrigue Friedrich Schiller, and several other equally interesting and significant roles. Also, the actor while he worked in Togliatti - in the Drama Theatre `Koleso` in the city of Krasnoyarsk - in the theater named after AS Pushkin.

But after a few years of life awareness of the need for change has led the actor to Moscow. To live in the Russian capital, and engaged in play-acting at Moscow`s Russian Army Theatre Nikolai Kozak began in 2006. During the years of enthusiastic work of the theater actor became a mother to him, and Nicholas earned the love and respect of fellow spectators of a theatrical troupe. On the stage of the Metropolitan temple of Melpomene `` great actor get used to the images of his characters, including Hamlet, Claudius in `` Shakespeare, tragedy Boris Godunov in `` King of Fyodor Ivanovich, AK Tolstoy, Vasily Berkutov staged on product A. Ostrovsky `Wolves and ovtsy`, and many others.

As can be seen, theatrical activities occupied an important place in the acting career of Nikolai Kozak. He was a prominent stage actor, as is most often played central roles in the performances and productions, among them classical and contemporary works. But the theatrical stage - is not the only place, where the famous actor today showed his acting skills and virtuosity. In 2003, Nikolai Kozak laid the first stone of his career, actor, playing a small role in the gangster 4th series of serial films `Neotlozhka`. This was followed by a few minor roles in several TV series and films. In the series, `` love adjutants actor played General Uvarov, in `` The young and evil - Benya, in the sixth film `` Spy Game - killer.

In 2006, Nicholas Kozak film career took off, and one of the first major role was the role of a detective in the TV series `Klub`. But 2007 marked an actor a number of different roles in films and television series: the role of the witness` lawyer-4 `(6 series), the main role Zosimova in the 4th film of the series` Emergency Call`, the role of Peter Balueva in the series` Law & poryadok`, Sergei in the film `Platina` and others. The detective mystical thriller `` The will of the night Nicholas played the title role of a powerful mage niraham. The plot of the series put the opposition of light and dark forces in the film takes place full of adventures and dangers of the struggle for the possession of the three magical artifacts, which determine the fate of mankind. The popularity of the actor became steadily gaining momentum.

Particularly noteworthy starring Nicholas Kozak in the movie:

`Istrebiteli` - Captain Pavel Terentiev;

`Legavyy` - kingpin on nickname Chaly;

`Karpov` - partner protagonist Karpov;

`Kazak` - Ataman Timofey Petrov;

`Siberia. Monamur` - Captain Alexander Danilov;

`South kalendar` - Ushakov;

`Zahvatchiki` - Alex hobby;

`Will nochi` - niraham magician.

In the film `Kamen`, which was released on the big screens in 2012, Nikolai Kozak worked with Sergei and Olesya Svetlakovym Sudzilovskaia and played a major role. Deep psychological drama-thriller with an unexpected denouement of the plot attracted a huge number of spectators during rolling in the cinemas. Kozak himself notes that he worked with great pleasure on the set of the feature film.

actor in a dramatic film work `Siberia. Monamur` Nicholas brought even more fame and respect of audiences and critics, becoming a landmark in his career. The result of the work in the film - several film awards and, of course, the recognition of the audience that an actor is the best reward.

What Kozak acting talent in the film industry today more than demand, there is no doubt. Today the actor`s work schedule is very full-bodied and intense, given the fact that currently the production is about ten films with his participation. Among the works is scheduled for release on the big screen, heart vraga` `` Mom on kontraktu`, `Ekaterina` and others. Efficiency actor strikes, because his career in the film industry, Nikolai began at the age of 36 years. And today filmography Nicholas Kozak contains a large number of films. From 2003 to 2014, the actor starred in more than 50 works of different directors. Nicholas Kozak three times won the prize for Best Actor and Best Actor at the International Film Festival in Spain.

Details of the personal lives of the famous actors hidden from the media, but it is known that Nicholas Kozak is married and has two children.

Acting talent, charisma, energy and charm - all Nicholas Kozak. According to the actor, the meaning of his work lies in the fact that the `shock and excite zritelya`. And, apparently, he is doing great.

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