Nikolay Kolesov

Picture of Nikolay Kolesov

Place of birth: Farm River

Citizenship: Russia


In 1943 he graduated from the school and a volunteer went to the front. As part of the 4th Ukrainian Front, machine gunners, sappers and reconnaissance Infantry Division participated in the liberation of Ukraine; He was wounded twice. In January 1944, after being wounded in heavy exploration at Perekop lost his leg, he was demobilized.

Since August 1944 worked as a beekeeper in his native farm.

In 1945-1959 gg. he studied at the Department of Political Economy Faculty of Economics of the University of Leningrad in the years 1950-1953. - In graduate school.

Since 1953 - Lecturer, then Associate Professor (1955-1963), Head of the Department (1963-1995), professor (1995-2010) of the Department of Political Economy (1991 - Department of Economic Theory and Economic Policy) of Leningrad (St. Petersburg ) University. In 1964 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences, was awarded the academic title of professor in 1965.

In 1975-1990 gg. - Chairman of the Board Head of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education of the RSFSR on political economy.

Elected Secretary of the Party Committee of the University of Leningrad (1963-1965), a member of the plenum of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan Vasileostrovsky, a deputy district council. For several years, he headed the Council of veterans of war and labor University.

He was buried at the Volkov Orthodox cemetery.


Two sons, a daughter, two grandchildren, two granddaughters, great-grandson.

The scientific activity

The main topic of research - public socialist ownership of the means of production. Much attention is paid to methodological problems of political economy, particularly on the subject and method of political economy, the nature and character of the economic laws, the problem of economic contradictions, and so on. D.

The work of scientific school, created Kolesov ND (among his students -. (VF Shcherbina, MP crustaceans VM Tsvetayev AA Moskovtsev, VN Afanasyev, etc.) received commended the country`s scientific community. Under his direct supervision were prepared and defended 70 doctoral and 200 master`s theses.

Author of over 300 scientific papers, including 50 monographs and textbooks. With the publication of his article on the basic economic contradiction in "Issues of Economics" magazine (1987, number 7) began a sharp and prolonged debate among Soviet economists, philosophers and sociologists. Books "The economic contradictions and forms of their authorization under socialism" (1982) and "Resolution of economic contradictions" (1988) brought under the rapidly growing scientific methodological and theoretical foundation of the school.

His books and textbooks published in many central publishing houses: Politizdat, Sotsekgiz, publishing house "Economy", "thought", "High School", article - in leading socio-economic journals: "Problems of Philosophy", "Problems of Economics", "Communist" "The Economist", "Economics", "International Affairs" and others. Publications ND Kolesov were translated into European languages ??(English, Spanish, German, French, Hungarian, Polish and others.) and languages ??of Asia and Africa (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hindi, Swahili, etc.).

Awards and Recognition

Order of the Patriotic War, 1 st degree

Red Star Order

Order "Badge of Honor" (1965)


Merited Scientist of Russia (1999)

Honorary Professor of St. Petersburg (2002) and Luhansk Agrarian State University, Kazakh National Economic University, the Institute of friendship between the peoples of the Caucasus (Stavropol)

Honorary Doctor of Volgograd, Budapest, Prague universities

Member of the Academy of Humanities

of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education of the RSFSR (1969, 1977)

honorary diploma of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education of the RSFSR (1982)

gratitude to the President of the Russian Federation (2006).