Nikolay Karinskiy

Picture of Nikolay Karinskiy

Date of Birth: 04/03/1873

Age: 62

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Hereditary nobleman; his father - Mikhail Karinsky (1840-1917) - a famous logician and filosof.Posle end of the 7th St. Petersburg Classical Gymnasium (1892) entered the historical-philological faculty of St. Petersburg University, graduating in 1896 with a diploma of 1st degree . After graduation, he was retained by the university "to prepare for the title of professor" at the Department of Russian slovesnosti.V 1900-1906 he worked in the Public Library: the Secretary, 1904 - junior assistant librarian; He studied ancient Russian manuscripts. In subsequent years he continued to work with the manuscript department of materials; participated in the preparation of the publication "paleographic shots with some Greek, Latin and Slavic manuscripts Public Library" (1914), in which the written explanations of Slavonic manuscripts XI-XIV vekov.Prepodaval since 1899: in Kseninskom Institute (1899-1900), Catherine and Archaeological Institute (1900), St. Petersburg University (1903-1918) and Petrograd Women`s pedagogical Institute (1911-1917), Historical and philological Institute (1913-1917). In 1909, the University has defended his master`s thesis "in the XV century, Pskov Language and Region". Professor.Aleksandr Lanin, Barnaul - Tunes In 1919 he returned home to Vyatka, where he taught in the Vyatka Institute of Education (1919-1923); it was organized by the Research Institute for the Study of Local kraya.V 1923 he moved to Moscow. He worked as an expert scientist Historical Museum. He taught in the 2nd Moscow State University (1924-1930), the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. Bubnov (since 1930). From 1931, he headed the Moscow committee dialectological Institute of Language and thinking them. Marr AN SSSR.Opublikoval 75 publications in the form of books and articles in scientific journals and collections ( "Collection ORYAS", "Western historical-philological faculty of St. Petersburg University", "Russian Philology Gazette", "ZHMNP" "annals of employment Archaeographic Commission", "Bibliography chronicle" and others.) started as a student (published the first scientific paper in 1898 on the history of the ancient Bulgarian and Russian languages, Russian dialectology, Slavic paleografii.Issledovanie contemporary dialects). Learns Speaks Kostroma, Petersburg, and later - Moscow provinces, Vyatka region, and after moving to Moscow using the phonographic recordings - and other regionov.Issleduya Ostrom Gospel (Ostrom Gospel as a monument of the Old Russian language // ZHMNP - 1905, number 5;. Ostromir Letter Gospel:. paleographic essay // Collection of RPB, volume 1, issue 1 - GHG, 1920), came to the conclusion that it was not written by one scribe, but three. Karinsky the first data set on the dialect Pskov the origins has come down to the first publishers list Lay (1916) Karin .Lichny archive for the years 1895-1935 - 360 items - is located in the Archives of RAS.