Nikolay Ilyin

Picture of Nikolay Ilyin

Date of Birth: 09/01/1947

Age: 69

Citizenship: Russia


Nikolai Ilyin born January 9, 1947 in Leningrad in the family of a Soviet Army officer. And the first book on philosophy, published before the revolution, the son was, surprisingly, from the library of the Air Force Academy. Mozhaiskii, where he taught after the war my father. But keeping interest his son to "non-Soviet" philosophy, and the father and mother (who came to Leningrad from Smolensk, a year before the blockade) is constantly repeated: "will not turn into a servant of ideology." And then it meant: Manage to combine passion for philosophy, with a professional occupation, the minimum "zaideologizirovannym". That occupation was for Nicholas (after the chemical faculty of Leningrad University), quantum theory of semiconductors. Today NP Ilyin - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, St. Petersburg State Technical University (the former Polytechnic Institute). Well, that same philosophy? Since the late 1970s in Leningrad "samizdat" began to appear regularly (under the pseudonym Malczewski), of N. Ilyina, who defended in a new look at the history of Russian philosophy, drew attention to the names of Russian thinkers, neglected not only in the Soviet, but and in the emigre historiography ( "Russian philosophy and we", "Vindication of the soul. Essay philosophical psychology VA Snegirev", "Live and dead in Russian philosophy" and others). Since 1991, the work of NP Ilyin (Malczewski), related to the history of philosophical thought in Russia, as well as his translations of the German and Austrian philosophy (F. Brentano L. Klages, A. Spann) are printed in the anthology "Logos" ( Saint-Petersburg), in the yearbook of the St. Petersburg Association of philosophers "thought", in the journal "Philosophical alternatives" (Bulgaria), "Young Guard", "Russian identity", in the collective monographs "Leontiev, our contemporary", "Introduction to Russian philosophy "," Philosophical age. Leibniz and Russia. " He directs the work of seminars Russian Philosophy Society. Strakhov, is included in the editorial board of the philosophical and historical journal "Russian identity", reads (1995) lecture on the problem of man in the Russian philosophy of the students of St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. The book "The Tragedy of Russian philosophy" - the result of years of work on the study of the history of philosophical thought in Russia XIX - early XX century and its "emigrant epilogue." This was done, as the author emphasizes, the main reliance on primary sources, on their own works of Russian philosophers, without much regard for their "rating" on the scale, established kogda-to without clear principles of historical-philosophical ponimaniya.Vyyavleniyu and justification of these principles on the material Russian philosophy NP Ilyin pays the most serious attention, which allowed him to create a truly conceptual book about the fate of Russian philosophy, the book can not be reduced to a chronological sorting of the matter is already good, "dubbed" names and ideas. We will not anticipate the reader`s familiarity with the concept of the author - the concept is largely unexpected opening a Russian type of Christian philosophy in the works of thinkers that are very far from that "religious philosophy" (or Theosophy), which arose from the denial kogda-to this type of distortion and silence. We note only that the understanding of the tragedy of Russian philosophy purifies our mind from all sorts of chimeras and utopias, clarifies consciousness of Russian people, according to the true and the inextricable link with the Russian national philosophy of the Orthodox Faith.