Nikolay Gurvich

Picture of Nikolay Gurvich

Place of Birth: Grodno

Citizenship: Belarus


A member of the Noble Assembly Ufa province.

Full member of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society.

Vowel (MP), provincial, county (Ufa), city (Ufa) Zemsky assembly.

Curriculum Vitae

1846 - graduated from grammar school in Germany;

1852 - graduated from the Medical-Surgical Academy in St. Petersburg;

1853 - arrived in Ufa, work at the post Medic Orenburg specific offices;

1864 - 1891 Secretary of the Ufa provincial statistical committee;

1865 - 1896 editor of the unofficial newspaper Ufa Provincial Gazette;

1880 - State Councillor;

1877 - full member of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society;

1889 - correspondent of the Main Physical Observatory, St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.

One of initsiatrov opening in Ufa:

1864 - Provincial Museum of Local History;

1870 - the first free clinic;

1882 - the first public library with free reading room;

1882 - Society of Physicians Ufa province.

Childhood and adolescence

The exact date of the birth of Nikolai Alexandrovich Gurvich has not been established. Year of birth is 1828. In 1834 the family moved to Germany, where Nikolay entered the classical gymnasium, and graduated in 1846 with a gold medal. By the end of the gymnasium young Gurvich was completely independent, supported himself and his mother by giving private lessons, as the adoptive father went bankrupt.


In 1847 Gurvich come to St. Petersburg and entered the St. Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy, which finished in 1852, received the title of doctor.

Service to the Fatherland and the people

Labour activity NA Gurvich began very early, while still a schoolboy in Germany gave private lessons. Prepodovatelskuyu practice continued, and during his studies at the St. Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy. After graduation, he holds the position of intern in the St. Petersburg City Kalinkinskoy hospital where treat cholera patients. The ability to rely on a specialist to treat Ivan Zhukovsky, the brother of the governor of St. Petersburg Province Nikolai Zhukovsky, who came to visit from Ufa. Familiarity with Zhukovsky family was a turning point in the life and career of a young doctor. In 1853, NA Gurvich migrated to Ufa and was appointed physician Orenburg specific office. In the future, labor and social activities were so extensive and fruitful, that it deserves a separate description of each direction. Although there is no specific scientific studies on the life and work of NA Gurvich, Ufa he is remembered and revered as an outstanding leader of this region.


The first professional statistician, economist

March 21, 1835 (Old Style March 9, 1835) in Ufa provincial statistical committee established under the Office of Civil Governor of the Orenburg province Nikolai Zhukovsky. The committee, which included IV Zhukovsky and VI Dahl worked on a voluntary basis, and their activities are limited to reports delivered to the committee copies of other official information on the agency and coordination formed the annual reports of the governor.

In 1859, a civil governor of EI Baranovsky, once again, to update the composition of the provincial statistical committee, Nikolai Gurvich was invited on the part of health and medical statistics.

In 1860 in Russia approved the new "Regulations on the provincial statistical committees", in which the provincial statistical committees converted from offices Office of the civil governor as an independent institution. The main tasks of the provincial statistical committee concluded "... the establishment of the right, at the request of the Government and directions of the Central Statistical Committee, ways of gathering accurate information about the quantity and quality of land, population and productive forces of the province, to check and process this information according to the same procedures and forms established by the Ministry of internal Affairs ... ". According to the general program of the new provisions of the committees were to be the local offices of the Geographical Society. Administrative offices at the same time play the role of a scientific center in the province, which was supposed to promote the unification of the creative intelligentsia.

According to the new provisions in a separate statististicheskom committee was formed by a permanent executive office: put staff positions Secretary of the Committee, his assistant and a clerk a cash reward. In 1864, the post of Secretary Statistics Committee takes NA Gurvich and served in this position until his retirement in 1891.

In 1865, the vast territory of the Orenburg province was divided into two separate provinces: the Orenburg and Ufa.

Established in 1865, the new Ufa Province needed, prezhdevsego, in the study and description, in connection with which the provincial statistical committee under the leadership of N.A.Gurvich carried out in 60-80 years. active and statistical publications.

Before the first of the Russian Empire (1897) Universal population census in Ufa province and in the city of Ufa three censuses were organized (1865, 1879, 1886), called "Single narodoischislenie in Ufa province." According to the program (gender, age, nationality, religion, class, literacy, education), methodical and settings in their organization the census met all the requirements of the statistical science of the time. It should also be noted that the 1865 census was the second time in Russia after St. Petersburg (1864).

Statistical Committee activity is not limited to performing only the census. Directions statistical observations were so wide that does not fit into the framework of the functions and tasks of the modern state statistical service. In his speech at the meeting of the provincial Zemsky Gurvich in 1882, he reported: "... to which heterogeneous information required by the Government of the Statistics Committee and they collected and developed - can make anyone who takes the trouble to look into the Regulations on the Regional Committee, and then the work itself and the Committees of the case. Here in addition to all statistical areas in the narrow sense, he will find the history and ethnography and ethnology, and anthropology, and archeology; were examples and linguistic studies, such as by reference to the government of Mr. Evropeusa, gather information about the different topographical names of rivers, lakes, streams, mountains and other natural boundaries, it is to seek linguistics ... "

Responsibilities Committee Secretary were very diverse and responsible. He watched the timely receipt of term statistical data and information with other members of the committee to deal with their validation, processing and preparation of the necessary tables and statements, corresponded on office work and financial statements committee. Under his supervision and guidance were all local research, scientific work, the publication committee works as a whole and individual scientists work. Being a good organizer, Gurvich Committee Secretary was able to bring to the committee`s most prominent local researchers: RG Ignatieff, VS. and MV Lossievskih, GS Rybakova, VL Olszewski, VA Novikov, PI Dobrotvorsky, AA Packer, AB Ivanitsky and many others.

Under the leadership of NA Gurvich was carried out a lot of statistics and economic studies, published dozens, according to some hundreds of works on economic, demographic and health (social) statistics, history and ethnography of the local region. Ufa Provincial Statistical Committee, as well as other Russian committees, regularly published the "Lists of settlements province", "Memorable books", "Location-based calendars." All publications edited Committee and prepared for publication by the Secretary.

Deserves special attention methodological development under the authorship Statistics Committee NA Gurvich on demographic statistics, agricultural statistics, price statistics.

How vowel (MP) of the Ufa provincial Zemsky assembly, he has spoken at meetings Zemsky meeting with their proposals for the organization of statistical activities zemstvo and methodological support.

Gurvich took part in the work of the Central Statistical Committee, participated in the 1st Congress of Statistics in 1870 and the International Statistical Congress in 1872, held in St. Petersburg.

In October 1891, NA Gurvich, according to the petition, was released from his duties as committee secretary.

ON. Gurvich was a member of the Ufa provincial census committee and actively participated in the preparation and holding of the first general census of the Russian Empire in 1897, the population, for which he was awarded a dark bronze medal to be worn on the belt.

Historian, ethnographer and anthropologist.

A member of the Noble Assembly Ufa province.

Full member of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society.

Vowel (MP), provincial, county (Ufa), city (Ufa) Zemsky assembly.


January 28, 1855 Nikolai Gurvich married Barbara Ivanovna Zhukovskaya, daughter of Ivan Zhukovsky, whom he had cured of cholera. Ivan was the brother of the governor of St. Petersburg Province Nikolai Zhukovsky. They had a daughter Alexandra and son Ivan.


Order of St. Vladimir 4-th degree

Medal "For the works on the first general population census of 1897"