Nikolay Golitsyn

Picture of Nikolay Golitsyn

Date of Birth: 04/12/1850

Age: 75

Place of birth: a. Riverlands

Citizenship: Russia

Nikolai Golitsyn

Nikolai Galitzine (March 31, 1850, the village Riverlands Mozhaisk district, Moscow province - July 2, 1925, Leningrad). From the ancient princely family. He graduated from Alexander High School (1871). In 1885 - 1903 Arkhangelsk, Kaluga, Tver governor. Since 1903, Senator. Since 1915 member of the State Council (faction of the right), chairman of the Russian prisoners of war to assist the Commission. I enjoyed the personal confidence of the royal family. On December 27, 1916 Chairman of the Council of Ministers. He believed that Russia must first win the war, and only then proceed to the inner life of the device.

In an increasingly political and economic crises he advocated dialogue with the State Duma, asked the Emperor Nicholas II of resignation AD Protopopov. On the night of February 26, 1917 in the apartment of Golitsyn`s government held a meeting on the dissolution of the State Duma; Golitsyn opposed and said that a number of ministers (including Protopopov) will have to resign. At the same time it decided to suspend the meeting of the State Duma and Council iGosudarstvennogo enter Petrograd in a state of siege. At 9 o`clock on February 27 with MV Rodzianko, Grand Duke Michael, MA Belyaev and others discussed the telegram to Nicholas II (sent on behalf of the Grand Duke), which said the seriousness of the situation in the capital and the need to appoint the chairman of the authoritative public figure of the Council of Ministers (offered Prince GE Lvov).

During the February Revolution received on February 27, resigned from the Provisional Committee of the State Duma and other ministers vmestes arrested. He testified before the Extraordinary Commission of Inquiry of the Provisional Government. At the end of the investigation (April) released a resolution at exit obligation on his part not to participate in political activities. Stayed with my family in St. Petersburg, he was engaged in shoemaking.

In 1920-24 he was arrested twice bodies Cheka - OGPU on suspicion of having ties with counter-revolutionary elements, February 12, 1925 arrested in 3rd time, and by the decision of the Collegium of the OGPU on June 22, 1925 was shot.