Nikolay Godunov

Picture of Nikolay Godunov

Date of Birth: 08/26/1953

Age: 63

Citizenship: Russia


Nikolai Borisovich Godunov was born August 26, 1953. In 1975 he graduated from the Saratov Polytechnic Institute, then worked as an engineer commissioning trust "Saratovspetsstroy", head of production of building materials, and then he was transferred to the post of Head of Planning and Technical Department of the Saratov factory of silicate building materials. From 1979 to 1984 he held senior positions in the production association "Selstroykonstruktsiya" Saratov industrial establishments "Saratovoblselstroy", after which, according to the official biography, until 1989 was engaged in the state and party work in the Saratov region Saratov region. Since 1989, he began working in a variety of multi-enterprise in Saratov.

According to the "Marker" the newspaper business, in the early 1990s, he worked as chief engineer of the production association "Saratovpromstroymaterialy", and then in 1993 (or 1994), he founded and became president of the diversified company, "Ligature" involved in the supply of agricultural equipment and trade. In 1990 Godunov was a co-author of two patents "working body of tillage implements" and "method of internal toothed profiles rolling." In the early 2000s the company "Ligature" was one of the owners and founders of "Saratov Bearing Plant", Godunov was a member of the supervisory board of the enterprise. Also, "Ligature" was the founder and co-owner of "Trailer", registered in the city of Saratov region Balashov.

In 1997 Godunov thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences on the topic "Increasing the durability of long hollow splined components of agricultural machinery at their recovery of pressure." By 2010 Godunov was an assistant professor of reliability and repair of machines Saratov State Agrarian University named after NI Vavilov. In July 2010, at the same university, he defended his doctoral dissertation on the theme "Ensuring performance and resources for restoration and hardening of details slozhnoprofilnyh slotted knurled".

In 2007 Godunov was appointed Head of the state road supervision for the Saratov Region Federal Service for Transport Supervision (Gosavtodornadzor). It was noted that at the time of his arrival in the agency region ranked first in the Volga Federal District in the number of road accidents. In December 2007, Godunov he was hospitalized after the accident: press wrote that in his official car VAZ-2107 crashed into a foreign car, where the driver lost control.

While serving as chief of the Saratov region Gosavtodornadzor Godunov managed to achieve a threefold reduction in accidents on the roads of federal subject. He also became famous for fighting against the illegal bus terminals and carriers, as well as small and medium-sized bus companies: he insisted the transfer of their routes major transport companies. So, with the participation of the municipal enterprise Godunov "Saratovgorelektrotrans" (SGET), carried out before only tram and trolley transport in Saratov, received the right to carry passengers by bus mainly "Gazel" along the lines of, duplicating its route network. This company was able to become the largest carrier in the city and find the means to upgrade the outdated fleet purchases of electric and large buses. However, these actions have caused protests from small carriers, disapproval from the local press and even the most Godunov. The official was not happy with what SGET was not a sufficient basis for the maintenance of the park formed a small capacity buses, because of which the "Gazelle" had to settle along the roads and in the courts, while not able to completely dislodge from the city of illegal carriers.

In February 2009, Transport Minister Igor Levitin announced Godunov gratitude. Since July 2009 Godunov was a member of the Saratov city commission for road work and traffic safety.

Not until 2008 Godunov was appointed party secretary of the political council of "United Russia" in the Volga region of Saratov. In this position, he was a member of the advisory council of the contest "A career in innovation", held with the support of branch of "United Russia" and the local youth organization "Free Economic Society of Russia" (HEO).

November 26, 2010, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin appointed Godunov at the post of the chief of the Moscow Department of Transportation and Communications (DTiS), dismissing from the post Kichedzhi Basil, who held the post under the previous mayor, Yuri Luzhkov. Shortly before his resignation Kichedzhi Sobyanin criticized the plan to combat congestion by offering to freeze rates for public transport. It was reported that the head of DTiS Godunov will create and execute a plan of the new city administration to improve the transport situation. According to Director of the Institute of Transport and Roads Mikhail Blinkina, Sobyanin invited Godunov on the recommendation of Nikolai Lyamov, deputy mayor for transport development and road construction, previously headed Gostransnadzor.

January 18, 2011 Sobyanin announced deprivation DTiS non-core functions, and converting it to the Department of Transportation and Development of road transport infrastructure. Post a new head of the service received Lyamov, retained his position as vice-mayor.

Godunov was awarded the jubilee badge "In Memory of the 200th Anniversary of Water and Land Communications" (2009) and the medal "20 years of the Russian Transport Inspection" (2010).