Nikolay Dorohin

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Date of Birth: 05/18/1905

Age: 48

Place of birth: Elec

Citizenship: Russia


Born 5 (18) May 1905 Scenic activity began in 1922 in Yelets. Since 1927 - Artist of the Moscow Art Theater. Create an image of the Soviet people, is characterized by simplicity, clarity, freshness scenic paints, folk humor: Stepan ( "Platon Krechet"), Vanin ( "Days and Nights" by Simonov), Minute ( "Winners" Chirskova) Veretennikov ( "officer of the fleet" Crown). Played in the plays of Gorky (Ryabinin - "to achieve and others," the Greeks - "Enemies"), Chekhov (Fedotik - "Three Sisters"), etc. In the period of the Great Patriotic War took an active part in the work of front-line teams.; He wrote the book "Roads of war ..." (1950). Acted in a movie (the commander of the guerrilla Andreev - "Volochaevskaya days," Peter - "Last night," Sizov - "Malakhov Kurgan", etc.). Conducted teaching work at VGIK, Moscow Art Theatre School.

Nikolai Dorokhin was married to actress Theater, Sofia Pilyavskaya. In December 1953, during a visit to N.I.Dorohinym S.S.Pilyavskoy and actress of the Maly Theater MogilaNikolaya Dorokhin and Sofia at the Novodevichy Pilyavskaya kladbischeA.Yablochkinoy on the threshold of the entrance to the apartment Dorokhin tripped and hit his head on the threshold of the apartment. Called "first aid" could not save the life of an actor, who died a few hours later.

He was buried in the Novodevichy cemetery.

Used materials:

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Materials provided by Andrew Kruchinkina

Photos courtesy of Irina L. and from the author`s archive.


1. Signal - 1925 - Episode

2. Last Night - 1936 - Peter Zaharkin

3. Volochaevskaya days - 1937 - Andreev

4. The commandant of Bird Island - 1939

5. My Universities - 1939

6. Error engineer Cochin - 1939 - Cochin

7. The first printer Ivan Fedorov - 1941

8. Malakoff - 1944 - Sizov

9. Marine battalion - 1944

10. The precious grains - 1944

11. The Battle of Stalingrad - 1949 - leader of the Party and the Soviet state

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