Nikolay Dobrynin

Picture of Nikolay Dobrynin

Date of Birth: 05/18/1890

Age: 90

Citizenship: Russia


Dobrynin Nikolai Fedorovich (05/18/1890, Bobruisk, Belarus - 18.03.1981) - the national psychology. Born in the family priest. After graduating from grammar school in 1908 he entered the natural faculty of Moscow University. He then moved to the historical-philological faculty (where he conducted the first study fluctuations of attention), from which he graduated in 1915 with a degree in "Psychology". He was called up for military service. V1919-1920 years. He served in the Red Army. After demobilization in 1922, he enrolled in graduate school at the Research Institute of Psychology, was actively involved in the fight against the idealistic concept of GI Chelpanova. In 1925 he defended his thesis on "The Fluctuations of attention." He worked at the Moscow State Industrial-Pedagogical Institute. Karl Liebknecht, first as a lecturer, and from 1935 to 1941 - professor of psychology. At the same time he worked as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Education of the Second Moscow State University (1922-1930) and researcher at the Institute of Psychology (1925-1935). In 1937 he defended his doctoral thesis on "The Psychology of attention." From 1941 he worked at the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. IN AND. Lenin, where he headed the Department of Psychology (1941-1966), a professor (1966-1969) and Professor and consultant. Member redkollegiizhurnala "Questions of psychology." One of the brightest representatives of Marxist psychology, actively participated in the struggle against idealist psychology. A specialist on the problems of cognitive processes, first of all the attention, and the development of personality. I put forward the principle of relevance, according to which cognitive processes are closely related to motivation, the activity of the individual. Popularizer of psychological knowledge.