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Date of Birth: 08/17/1963

Age: 53

Birthplace: Taganrog

Citizenship: Russia


Honored Artist of Russia (2002)

The holder of a diploma of the jury CF "Constellation-94" (1994, for the film "Russian Ragtime")

Winner of the Moscow Prize (for the film "Russian Ragtime")

The winner of the Audience Choice Award actors (NA Dobrynin, Alexander Terekhov) Film Festival "Window to Europe-97" (1997, for the film "All what we have so long dreamed")


Nikolai Dobrynin was born August 17, 1963 in Taganrog. His mother was a commercial worker, and his father worked as an investigator in the police, in his account was a lot of solved crimes. As a child, Nicholas loved to wear his jacket his father, his medals, his mustache pasted from wool and portrayed the revolutionary military exploits of the films. Unfortunately, his father died early ...

Childhood of the future actor was not easy. Nicholas spent a lot of time outdoors, often fought, participated in gatherings "in the district Area" in the city, we can say was the real punks. However, he managed to combine his "exploits" to classes in ballroom dancing, amateur school. And Nicholas knew from an early age what is penny earned: he sewed for sale bags of potatoes (sew his grandmother taught Gypsy), in the 6th grade earned pulling together the mailbox, and in the 7th - worked as a loader.


Instil Nikolai Dobrynin worked his elder brother Alexander Dobrynin (later he became a soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre). That Alexander and told him after graduation to go to Moscow to enter a theater high school. Nikolai heeded the advice and enrolled in the acting department GITIS.

Learn Nikolai Dobrynin happened in the studio and I.Sudakovoy L.Knyazevoy. His classmates were: Dmitry Singers, Vladimir Vinogradov, and Ksenia Larina, who was the first wife of Nicholas. They married when they were students and lived together for five years. To keep the family Nicholas had to go for jobs, good work, he was never afraid. As he says Nicholas, "I am a simple man of simple, great, provincial, working city of Taganrog." So for four years, he studied day and night, "I worked hard" in the subway drenazhnikom. Incidentally earned 6 rank!

Start acting career

In 1985, Nikolai Dobrynin graduated from the acting department GITIS and was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow theater "Satyricon." Although there Dobrynin actually spent four years in the crowd, he remembers that period of life as the happiest. Another would be: he was young, full of energy and went to the scene with himself Arkady Raikin in performance "Peace to your house!"

At the same time, the debut of Nikolay Dobrynin and on the silver screen. In 1986, he played Kohl builder in a musical New Year`s melodrama "right people", which lit up a lot of famous actors:. Tamara Akulova, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Nicholas Karachentsov, Borislav Brondukov, Semen Farad, etc. A year later took place and the first major role. In the drama of Alexander Pankratov and "Goodbye, kids Zamoskvoretskaya ..." (which tells about Moscow `50s, teenagers, survivors of war and terrible time of repression of the personality cult) Nikolai Dobrynin Vitka played a thief named Gavroche. Another notable work was the role of the young actor Lev-Katsap in tragicomedy "drayman and the King," directed by Vladimir Alenikova (1989).

In the second half of the `80s there were changes in the personal life of the actor. Nikolai Dobrynin remarried. His wife was the famous actress Anna Terekhova. In 1988 they had a son Michael. In the footsteps of their parents, Mikhail did not go - he became a psychologist.

Theatre Viktyuk

When Nikolai Dobrynin received a summons from the Army, Arkady Raikin tried to "recapture" the actor from his service. However, nothing came of it, and Nicholas went to do his duty to the Motherland in the air defense forces.

Kak-to being on leave, Nikolai Dobrynin participated in the skit "Satyricon." There`s something to it, and noticed the Roman Viktyuk. In 1989, Dobrynin was discharged and at the invitation Viktyuk came to work in his theater. The actor got an interesting role in "The Maids" performance, which brought him fame in the theatrical environment. Then there were the complex psychological images in "Master and Margarita" (Master and Pontius Pilate), "Salome" (Herod) and other productions. In parallel with the choreographer Alla Sigalova they created an independent troupe, which traveled the world, received the Grand Prix in Austria ...

Movie. 90 years

In the 90 years Nikolay Dobrynin appeared in films though not very often, but regularly and it was noticeable the role that made him a name. In 1993, screens out the drama Sergei Ursulyak "Russian Ragtime", based on real events in 1974. Hero of the Soviet Nikolai Dobrynin boy Michael Rajewski with friends fooling around, rips the red flag from the roof of a Moscow high-rise buildings. The result - arrest, interrogation by the KGB ... Despite the seemingly obvious plot Ursulyak shot is not a political film-charge to the Soviet system (those in the 90 years was not enough), and piercing lyrical drama about facing human choice - to bring friends for own salvation, or stay clean to their own conscience. In this regard, the picture is somewhat echoed the famous tape Larisa Shepitko "Ascent". Even the scene of semi-dark office where the interrogation took place, was almost identical. That`s just not interrogated Nazi officer, and our Soviet officer ...

Vmestes Nikolai Dobrynin in this film starring: Dmitry Marjanov Victor Bakin, Vladimir Menshov. The film won numerous awards at various film festivals. It was noted that work and Nikolai Dobrynin - Jury Diploma CF "Constellation-94", nominated for the prize "Green Apple gold leaf" for 1993 in the category "Best Actor".

I remember the audience as Nikolai Dobrynin 3-serial detective Vladimir Alenikova "Kings of the Russian detective" (Kohl Dolgushin), historical drama Alexander Orlov "at loggerheads" (Gordanov), Rauf Kubaeva drama "White dance" (Eugene). And the most well-known work of the actor of that period, perhaps the main role in the criminal-adventure film directed by Rudolf Fruntova "All what we have so long dreamed of."

The film "All what we have so long dreamed of," was released in the late 90s, gathered in a plot almost all stamps of the time: the army bullying, fights and disassembly, noble prostitute, the Mafia, the prison manners, overseas nightlife ... "you were dreaming it all to see? Get! "- As if the creators told viewers of this painting. And in the center of the narrative was the hero of Nikolai Dobrynin - young, strong Russian guy, a real superman. Discuss the artistic merits of the film does not make sense. It just became a cult for young people, and to impose appropriate Dobrynin`s role ...

Movie. 2000s

Start of the 21st century was marked by the rise of Russian cinema. Nikolai Dobrynin very organically fit into it. He began to actively act in films and serials on various subjects (often criminal). At 4-5 roles per year! Among his heroes: Vova in the crime drama "Rostov-papa" Sasha "Wind" in a criminal melodrama "Nina. Payment for love, "Misha Drozdetsky in the drama" The demon half, "businessman Viktor Ratnikov in the blockbuster" chess player ", Alex Voronkov in the melodrama" Amapola "MVD general Kim Hodeev in the crime drama" Life - a field for hunting, "the prince of pride in the series "Sibirochka" Nick Noble in the adventure film "Mine" (this role was written specifically for Dobrynin), Alexei Rozovskii in the melodrama "The Lone angel". Actor and participate in the long-running projects, including the series "Thief-2. Happiness for hire "(Sergei), in a criminal melodrama" Atlantis "(Edward).

Several unusual turned Nikolai Dobrynin character in the comedy "Bride for Barbie." His hero was none other than as an elf with a simple Russian name Kolya. That lyrical notes of his acting made a special charm to the picture, to get a very good, ironic and touching.

Theatre in Kolomna

Loaded in the film affected the work in the theater. Shooting, shooting ... A theater of multi Viktyuk spent on the road. In kakoy-to moment had to choose ... Another reason for leaving the theater has become a moral fatigue. Nikolai Dobrynin says: "... at the time I was kakoy-to hard to play - even physically, and mentally. Maybe it was the role of the heavy - Master and Pontius Pilate in The Master and Margarita, Herod in Salome ... played well, the audience cry, delighted, but you are completely sucked ... "

In 2004 Dobrynin left Viktyuk Theatre, which gave 16 years of his life. A year later he phoned from St. Petersburg classmate at GITIS and was invited to a major role in Maupassant`s play "Love Maupassant", puts in a new St. Petersburg theater "Theatre Centre at Kolomna". During the first operation immediately followed by a second - the role in the play "Pajamas for six" ... The new team immediately liked Nikolai Dobrynin. "I`m happy: I feel good and interesting. Do not be afraid to start over. Here is another direction, other aesthetics. People picked up and thrown into the unknown. But with great faith. True. I wake up in the morning and feel elated, I have peace in my soul. I am happy to play these performances, "- he said in an interview.

Mitya from "Matchmakers

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