Nikolay Bruhanov

Picture of Nikolay Bruhanov

Date of Birth: 12/28/1878

Age: 59

Place of birth: Ulyanovsk

Citizenship: Russia

Bruchanov Nikolai Pavlovich

The son of a surveyor. He studied at the Moscow and Kazan University (not finished). In 1902 he joined the RSDLP, Bolshevik. Repeatedly arrested. In 1903, a member of the Kazan committee of the RSDLP.

He led the party work in Ufa, editor of "The Ufa Worker" Since the end of 1907. In 1917, before. Ufa Committee of the RSDLP (b), a member of the provincial revolutionary committee, the provincial commissioner of food.

On Feb. 1918 chlenkollegii RSFSR People`s Commissariat of Food, June - Deputy. Commissar.

From August. 1919 prev. Special Food Committee of the Eastern Front.

In January. 1920 -sent. Early 1922. Main Department to supply the Red Army and Navy with food. One of the organizers of mass requisitioning of grain from the peasants, directed the actions of food detachments, punitive expeditions, the suppression of the peasants against the surplus.

On December. 1921 People`s Commissar of RSFSR food.

On 07/06/1923 USSR People`s Commissar of food. 14/05/1924 Commissariat eliminated and Bruchanov transferred to the People`s Commissariat of Finance of the USSR deputy. Commissar.

16.01.1926 appointed Acting Commissar of Finance of the USSR (in 13 days was approved).

In 1927-34 a candidate member of the CC of the CPSU (b).

18/10/1930 Bruchanov the opposition party was removed from his post as Commissar and received minor post of deputy. prev. Mosoblispolkoma.

Since April 1931 the deputy. USSR People`s Commissar for supply,

in 1933-37 Deputy. prev. Central Commission for the definition of productivity and the size of the gross harvest of grain crops in SNK.

03/02/1938 arrested. Sentenced to death. Shot.

In 1956, he rehabilitated.