Nikolay Bondarik

Picture of Nikolay Bondarik

Date of Birth: 10/23/1965

Age: 51

Citizenship: Russia


Born October 23, 1965 in Leningrad.

In 1987 he graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute.

Since 1988 he was a correspondent for "Revival of Russia" newspaper.

In 1989-90 he was a member of the Leningrad Russian Patriotic Movement (RAP) "Fatherland."

In February 1991, he joined the Russian Party (RP) Viktor Korchagin. He was one of the co-chairmen (vice-chairmen) of the St. Petersburg organization of the Republic of Poland (chairman - Vladimir Tsikarev).

In 1991-92 served in the neopagan Historical and Cultural Society "wends Union" (SW) Victor Bezverkhy.

He was Chairman of the Credentials Committee at the Congress of Slavic Cathedral in April 1991 in St. Petersburg, where he asked about the nationality of the data is not only the delegates themselves, but also their parents.

The summer of 1991 led a group of volunteers took part in the fighting in Transnistria.

In June 1992 officially became one of 24 founders of the "Union of Wends Russia" - a political organization founded on the basis of "historical-cultural society" wends Union.

The summer of 1992, together with Vladimir Tsikarevym was expelled from the Russian party Korchagin with the wording "for separatist activities and violation of party discipline". In late 1992 and Tsikarev Bondarik joined the Russian Party (RP) Vladimir Miloserdova (most of the "Party Korchagin," who left their former leader).

Member of the Congress of Russian nationalists December 19, 1992.

In early 1993, he created the "Russian Guard" - paramilitary unit under the Russian Party (RP) Miloserdova. At the same time he became Deputy Director General of the Association of fitness centers "Tekton-P.".

In March 1993, he was elected deputy chairman of the Russian Party (M).

In summer 1993 he founded the newspaper "Speech" (founder - N.N.Bondarik, chief editor - V.M.Averin). The newspaper fought for the purification of the National Patriotic Movement of Jewish activists (from the editorial: "... People with suspicious Semitic faces, a place that is only in the synagogue, furiously beat his fists on his chest, screaming hysterically that they - Russian patriots. save you God, Russia, by such patriots. "). Released only one issue of the newspaper.

After the death in August 1993 the chairman of the St. Petersburg organization RP (M) V.Tsikareva, took his post.

At the head of a group of militants involved in the protection of the House of Soviets in September - October 1993.

Ran in December 1993, the State Duma for the Northern District N207. Lost elections Mikhail Kiselyov.

February 26, 1994 was arrested by officers of the Anti-terrorism St. peterburgkogo FGC, together with the management staff of the Criminal Investigation Department of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg; arrest was allegedly made on suspicion of murder and Tsikareva guard "Tekton-P." Boris Volkov (Article 102 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, premeditated murder under aggravating circumstances). three officers were arrested along with him "Tekton-P.". The charge of murder was filed March 5, 1994 Only two of those arrested.

In March 1994, he was nominated for the deputies of the City Council from the "Great Russia" bloc.

In November 1994 in the newspaper "Tomorrow" was published a letter Bondarik of the St. Petersburg prison "Crosses", where he argues that arrested after being denounced by an informer, "earlier in disgrace expelled from the party for theft," and that his under torture incriminated as the murderer of one of his associates, Paul Zamyatin released for this freedom (in the letter mentioned "unidentified", but does not say who was accused of murdering Bondarik). (By "expelled for stealing `` supergrass" apparently refers to the co-founder of the St. Petersburg branch of the Republic of Poland, Vladimir Lebedev, who after his arrest, pleaded guilty to murder V.Tsikareva and later told investigators that incriminated himself out of fear Bondarik - yet less than in 1996, Lebedev was convicted of murder Tsikareva for 9 years, and Bondarik murder charge brought against Tsikareva not officially).

In the same article in "Tomorrow" offered to take away the power of Baikonur in Kazakhstan, if you can not redeem it for "skullcaps wagon" or "cart rattles." In Russia itself, according to the author, the authority should be elected by the Russian "leader", and other nations are divided into friendly and hostile ( "hostile" - Jews, Chechens, Gypsies and "some other tribes").

February 17, 1997 the trial was initiated in the case of the murder of an unidentified person, a businessman named Victor (surname unknown), who was beaten to death in the gym "Tekton-Fiza" where trained members of the Russian Party; According to investigators, led by beating Bondarik. In October 1997, he was sentenced by a court in the city St. Petersburg 5 years of imprisonment in a colony - part II by st.108 Criminal Code (causing grievous bodily harm resulting in death of the victim); charges of inciting ethnic hatred have been rejected for lack of evidence.

March 11, 1998 the definition of judicial board of the Supreme Court, which considered the cassation appeal in a criminal case N.N.Bondarika, the conviction was overturned and the case sent back for further investigation.

March 26, 1999 St. Petersburg court sentenced Bondarik to 5 years in prison for complicity in causing bodily harm resulting in death. The charge under Article 282 had been withdrawn. Since 5 years he has spent in the "cross", then from the courtroom was released.

He took part in the elections to the State Duma in December 1999 on single-mandate constituency