Nikolay Bestujev

Picture of Nikolay Bestujev

Date of Birth: 04/24/1791

Age: 64

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Later, while serving at the Department Admiralty, compiled a history of the Russian fleet. Both before and after the link translated Byron (prose), Thomas Moore, Walter Scott wrote novels, Wikipedia, mostly devoted to episodes of maritime history, sketches from the life of the peoples of Europe, then the life of Siberian natives. Literary attempts Nicholas Bestuzhev not have outstanding value, but simply and elegantly written, read with interest. Even after his death the best of his essays and short stories - "Notes on the Netherlands in 1815", "Russian in Paris in 1814", "Goose Lake" (from life Buryats) and OE were published in book form under the title "Stories and the story of the old sailor "(1860). Bestuzhev had outstanding technical abilities: he quickly mastered the various types of manual work and in his head constantly infancy different creative ideas. Some of his inventions passed to offspring with his name. Thus, while serving in the Marine Corps, he came up with a special lifeboat - "bestuzhevku" in Siberia built a special economic "Bestuzhev oven", etc. in the Chita prison, he, without any tools made such a watch that went without stopping to 4.. years and differed remarkably correct way. Repaired it also mills in Siberia, arranged gardens, greenhouses, tanneries, stitching boots, cap, came up with jewelry, recording meteorological instruments, and so on. D. He wrote an excellent watercolor portraits and icons. And if all this we add that Bestuzhev was charming, cheerful companion, an excellent storyteller and reciter and was very fond of women, there is no doubt that he was waiting for a brilliant worldly career. But the circumstances were different; its share fell from 1825 to the long-standing suffering and fortresses in prison. In 1840, he moved into the category of the Selenga villagers and died in 1855 - In response to the questions raised during the investigation of the case of the Decembrists, Nicholas Bestuzhev explains that "rooting free way of thinking," he is "no one shall" and that "what is seen on practice other powers was enough to approve so thoughts. " "In practice," a state system "other powers" he had met during marine expeditions in which he had to participate in 1815 and 1817, respectively. Particular impression on his stay in the Netherlands, which gave "the first concept of civil rights and polzezakonov". A considerable role in the development of his views played a reading foreign magazines and essays on contemporary history. Bestuzhev sees fit especially to remember his testimony in the book "On the constitution of England", published in Russian translation in the early years of the reign of Alexander I - the first book, "Turning a desire to" see the Russian constitutional country. For a little over a year until 14 December Bestuzhev was adopted Ryleev in the number of members of the Northern Society. Because you can trust the official indications Bestuzhev, he was in the preparatory work of secret societies took a modest part. Once Rileyev invited him to join the Duma, supervises all activities of the Northern Society, but then the conversation was not renewed. Bestuzhev did not know the composition of the Duma, or its plans, receiving only the information that informed him Rileyev. Being a member of society, he drew one of his members, and Thorson Arbuzov. Rileyev him repeatedly, "scolded" that he does not initiate communications among naval officers in Kronstadt, proving that the Kronstadt sailors participate at the time of the uprising can play a decisive role. Bestuzhev did not agree with this view and convinced Ryleeva chtopodderzhka fleet can have the most insignificant value, and the "moral capacity" Kronstadt naval officers draw promotion in their environment in a totally futile exercise. In the front rows Bestuzhev was put forward only at the time of the rebellion. On the morning of December 14 at the request of Ryleeva, he went to sea the crew quarters to bring the men to the Senate Square. Arriving at the barracks, Bestuzhev convinced that chief officers and lower ranks unanimously refuse to take the oath to the Emperor Nicholas. Then he said to Lieutenant Arbuzov: "It seems we`re all here together for a common cause, and none of those present refused to act." One of the young officers replied: "With you, we are ready to go." When the square was heard shooting, Bestuzhev said, "Let`s go to the area to rescue her!" and together with the crew moved to help the rebels shelves. As part of rebelled troops were put to flight, Bestuzhev, disguised as a sailor, ran on foot across the ice to Kronstadt with forged papers went to Tolbuhinsky lighthouse, but there he was arrested and taken to St. Petersburg. - Avg. Vengerov, "critical-biographical dictionary" and "the source said. Rus. Nuc.". S. Vengerov.