Nikolay Belov

Picture of Nikolay Belov

Born I: 12/14/1891

Age: 90

Citizenship: Russia


Nikolai Belo`v (2 (14) December 1891 - 6 March 1982) - crystallographer and geochemist, academician of the USSR (1953), Hero of Socialist Labor (1969). He graduated from the Petrograd Polytechnic Institute (1921). Since 1938. - The head of the structural division of the Institute of Crystallography, USSR Academy of Sciences. Since 1946. - Professor of Gorky, and from 1953. - The Moscow universities.

In 1961, Nikolai Belov - a renowned scholar, headed the Department of Crystallography, Moscow State University. The breadth of his interests hit others, and imaginative thinking fascinated. This period in the history of the department over the years it has been the rise and rapid development.

The founder of the Russian school of structural crystallography. Fundamental works - on the theory of close packing in the crystals, crystal silicate mineral structures decryption methods. Under the guidance of NV Belov elucidated the structure of more than 100 of silicates and their analogues. They were bred in 1651 a group of anti-symmetry, developed and implemented a number of direct methods for decoding structures. The structures of more than 500 crystalline substances (including more than 200 minerals) have been studied under the supervision of N.V.Belova.

Merit and Awards

Member of the Committee on Lenin and USSR State Prize in Science and Technology of the USSR (1957-1982)

The chief editor of the magazine "Crystallography" (1968-1982).

Honorary member of the All-Union Mineralogical Society (1964).

The first chairman of the National Committee of Soviet crystallographers (1955-1982).

Member of the Board (1954), vice president (1957-1963), President (1966-1969) of the International Union of Crystallography.

Foreign Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (1978).

Honorary Doctor of the Wroclaw University. B.Beruta (Poland, 1975).

Honorary member of the Mineralogical Society of the US (1960), Great Britain, the Society of Mineralogy and Crystallography, France (1969), the Geological Society of the GDR (1975), the American Society of crystallographic (1969).

He was awarded the Order of Lenin (1961, 1969, 1971, 1981), the October Revolution (1975), Red Banner of Labor (1953), the medal "For Defense of Moscow" (1944), "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." (1946), "The pamyat800 anniversary of Moscow" (1948), "For labor valor" (1967), the jubilee medal "For valiant labor. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin`s birth "(1970).

Winner of USSR State Prize (1952), Lenin Prize (1974), First Prize. ES Fedorov (USSR Academy of Sciences, 1948).

He was awarded the Grand Gold Medal. MSU (the highest award of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1965), the Great Gold Medal Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR (1962), Medal. K. Ohridski (Sophia University. K. Ohridski, Bulgaria, 1971).

Major works

The structure of ionic crystals and metallic phases, Moscow, 1947

Structural crystallography, M. 1951

Essays on structural mineralogy, "Mineralogical Collection", 1950-69,