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Citizenship: Russia


Glubokovsky Nikolai Nikanorovich - an outstanding theologian and historian (born 1863), a graduate of the Moscow Theological Academy, professor of Holy Scripture of the New Testament at the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. Master of his thesis: "Blessed Theodoret, Bishop Kirrsky" provoked rave reviews both here and abroad. He participated in the revision of the Slavic-Russian translation of the Gospels (his comments about this translation up to 35 printed pages remain unpublished and gde-to stale, but, apparently, they had an impact on the translation of the New Testament KP Pobedonostsev). For questions about the spiritual school, he vigorously advocated predsobornomprisutstvii in 1906 and in 1907 produced a remarkable book: "For religious school and secondary and higher educational committee of the Holy Synod." The report of the presence, which served as the basis of this book, in the words of Professor AP Lebedev, depicts the izmyvatelstva of theological science, which presents the activities of the committee. Professor Lebedev contrasts report "lzheistorii and eulogy, which forced us to write instead of the true history to the 17 October 1905". The main subject of his study Glubokovsky made life and work of the Apostle Paul. In 1896 it appeared acts Glubokovski: "Conversion of Saul and the gospel of St. Paul." It became part of his doctoral dissertation Glubokovski: "The gospel of St. Paul on its origin and essence" (SPb., 1897), and this thesis, in turn, put in a huge research under the same title in three books (1905, 1910 and 1912). In 1902 came "The gospel of Christian freedom in the letter of St. Paul to the Galatians." Professor from 1905 Glubokovsky took over the editing of "Theological Encyclopedia" based Lopukhin. Encyclopedia soon changed its character and became an ornament of Russian theological scholarship. The editor here put enormous work and energy. The company is in 1911 stalled. His other works: "Divorce adultery and its consequences for the teaching of Christ the Savior" (St. Petersburg, 1895.); "The Greek manuscript from the collection evangelistary IE Trinity" (St. Petersburg, 1898.); "In memory of Professor AP Lebedev" (SPb., 1908); "Reverend Joseph Kratirov" (1909); "On the issue of the right of Jews to be called Christian names" (SPb., 1911); "Archbishop Smaragd Kryzhanovsky" (SPb., 1913) and numerous articles and reviews in magazines "Reading in the society lovers of spiritual enlightenment", "Faith and Reason", "The Wanderer", "Christian Reading", "Church Bulletin", "Theological Bulletin "and OE