Nikolai Lebedev

Picture of Nikolai Lebedev

Date of Birth: 12/15/1921

Age: 94

Citizenship: Russia


Childhood and adolescence

Nikolai Lebedev - a native Muscovite. He was born in the city center, in front of his house a cinema "Union." The parents were Nicholas theater workers. Mama from the base of the Moscow Soviet Theatre worked there as a cashier. As Kohl left alone at home was impossible, she often took him with me. In the theater, a boy and spent his most of the time.

Due to the heavy workload of the parents could not pay much attention to his son, resulting in the ninth grade Nicholas expelled from school for truancy. Without hesitation, he immediately enrolled in a drama school (where he taught the famous hops and Efros), and in parallel began to learn the courses to get an education 10 classes.

At the beginning of 1940, after completing his studies in the studio, Nikolai Lebedev entered the youth troupe MTYUZ. From there it was taken to the army and ...

Great Patriotic

The army Nikolai Lebedev was taken before the war, in April 1941. He served in the city Proskurov. After the war his part resulted in the order of battle and sent to the front. Weapons are sorely lacking, and the gunner Lebedev initially issued a gun. A week later, he received a rifle, and only after the first fight, he had to replace the killed machine gunner.

Under Uman during heavy fighting, Nicholas received a concussion, and then, together with other wounded, was taken prisoner by the Germans. Soon had the chance to escape. Dressed in civilian clothes in the village, Nicholas tried to get to her. I passed all Ukraine, Orel region, several times he was detained Germans, but each time Nicholas made another escape.

The last time he had been caught already at perehodelinii front. Nicholas was sent to a concentration camp Lamsdorf, and then to Auschwitz, then another, to some concentration camp ... Run he has not tried. He recalls: "There, I`ve realized that you should not run, because our already begun to tread. I thought that if they run away, then I have no documents, I will come to your what? I knew that those who were in Finland in captivity, 25 years have received. I think it is better to let me as judge. "

Nicholas was lucky. Their camp was released not Americans, and the Soviet army. Otherwise, he`d have got now in our camp. Incidentally, the release did not guaranteed by Soviet troops. Nikolai Lebedev, like other prisoners, thoroughly interrogated by the KGB. He told everything to the smallest detail, and was released.


Initially, Nicholas returned to MTYUZ, where he worked before the war. However, soon he entered the Moscow Art Theatre School, where he had the opportunity to learn from the very good teachers: Stanitsyn, Blinnikova, Kedrov. Lebedev proved an apt pupil, and it would be necessary to take into MAT, if not for the fact of captivity. At that time, former prisoners of war tried to avoid. No, they are not enemies of the people officially considered, but they were somewhere near it.

Not afraid to take Lebedev in his troupe Yuri A. Zawadzki, chief director of the Theater. Moscow City Council. There Mamontov and worked for more than 50 years. For a long time he remained in the shadows - by starring in the company were Vera Marecki, Rostislav Plyatt Nicholas Mordvinians, etc. During this period, known actor has brought the cinema..

Movie. The first half of the 60th

In the late 50`s, Nikolai Lebedev, like many young actors began to drop in on "Mosfilm", hoping to get at least a small role. The debut could take place in 1959, when he was invited by one of the leading roles in the romantic drama Michael Kolatozova "unsent letter". Lebedev had almost passed, but at the last moment the director chose him Eugene Urbanski, who by that time had become widely known for his role in the film "Communist".

This was followed by an invitation to a major role in Soviet-French heroic drama of "Normandie-Niemen", which tells about the glorious French squadron that fought in World War II in the Russian sky. Nikolai Sergeyevich recalled: "The samples did an amazing woman, wife Heifits Sophie Milman. She worked with me just the same on the Stanislavsky school. Later, I told her that you are my godmother in the movies. "

Well, the start was given. Nikolai Lebedev began inviting a lot, often in the lead roles. Immediately after the "Normandy-Neman" he starred in this tale of Samson Samsonov "Rovesnik century." Nikolai Lebedev played a talented engineer-inventor Ivan Yermakov, director of the car factory, the former worker and member of the civil war. As in many films of the time in "Rovesnik century" was a lot of politics, the Tribune relationships between the characters.

It is another job waiting for the actor in another film - melodrama Tatiana Lioznova "Evdokia". Picture disclose complicated relationships between the main characters. Evdokia played an outstanding actress Lyudmila Khityaeva (in this role, she has opened a new way), and Lebedev, went to the main male role - Yevdokim. By the way, along with Nicholas on this role she auditioned talented actor Victor Avdyushko but Lebedev appeared convincing.

Nikolai Sergeyevich said: "Before filming the actress Barabanov told me: You are all in" Rovesnik Century "played. Now play that is already behind their peers. That is, it has prompted a very accurate! "As a result, the picture was a great success with audiences, taking in theaters in 9th place (34.4 million. Spectators).

Movie. 70 - 80 years

A new phase in the actor`s film career began in the early `70s. After a long break, he again began to invite a lot of, however, is now increasingly on the role of the second plan. Among the rare leading roles - work Novels Shulamith Tsibulnik "Criminal Investigation Inspector" and "Criminal Investigation Weekdays."

Frankly, not all movies with Nikolai Lebedev were masterpieces. Often, the actor had to be removed in the traditional propaganda films ( "cool box", "will gain in combat" and others.). Perhaps this contributed to some of the actor`s image.

In the 80 years Mamontov acted much less and, as a rule, in small roles. For example, in the melodrama "unpaid leave", he played Orlova deputy minister, whose main character procured their holidays.


In recent years, Nikolai Sergeyevich did not act in films. He still works in the Theater. Moscow City Council. Among his last roles: Background Douste in the play "The White Guard", Doctor - "King Lear", Gibner - "Inspector", Poole - "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde", Gabriel - "Thomas Opiskin".

The wife of Nikolai Sergeyevich - Anna G. Kasenkina - also an actress. She is currently retired. At the time, she played a lot in the Theater. Moscow City Council (Nina Zarechnaya in "The Seagull", Nina in "Masquerade", Desdemona in "Othello" and others.)