Nikki Belza

Picture of Nikki Belza

Age: 33

Place of Birth: Las Vegas

Citizenship: United States

The fatal puncture the nipple

Now the 33-year-old Nikki Belza, the owner of breast implants, was forced to say goodbye to one of her breasts, nipple piercing when turned deadly infection for her.

Nikki has spent about $ 22 million, from 21 years of age to convert the size of your bust from 32A to 32DDD (from 1st to 6th).

The idea came to pierce the nipple Belza at the beginning of 2016; Several months passed, and the woman woke up in agony after the incident, when she accidentally snagged decoration led to the injury.

Pain in the left breast became unbearable, and Nikki almost fainted when she was at work. She was taken to hospital, where doctors found the patient streptococcus group A.

Infections are transmitted from husband Nikki, who suffered from angina. In turn, the disease has caused the development of sepsis, which destroyed the breast tissue, and brought the woman to the surgeons. Doctors were forced to reveal the implants to try to save the life of the patient.

Belza says, `I am completely devastated. I stayed one breast; my second breast - completely flat. On the other hand, I realize that I was just lucky to stay in zhivyh`.

`I still can not believe that such a simple procedure as the piercing can lead to a fatal infection as sepsis`.

`I really thought I would die. I knew that the only way to save my life - to remove the breast. But when I woke up after the operation, I could not look down to my byust`.

Nikki adds: `Soon after the operation, one of my colleagues made me` proschalnyy` cake in the shape of the breast. Yes, I was upset, but still able to see this and something zabavnoe`.

The first breast augmentation Belza suffered 21 years of age, being dissatisfied with the size of 32A.

Ever since the cocktail into carriers suffered a couple of operations to bring the size to 32DDD. The latter procedure was made in April 2016.

Soon after the recovery period Nikki got the idea to pierce the nipple. However, I piercing latched on to a uniform, and a woman accidentally pulled out a piece of jewelry with the flesh.

Belza treat the wound, and no apparent cause for concern remained in a few days.

A few months later Nikki woke up in the middle of the night because of the painful sensitivity under his left arm.

She suggested that the foot injury at work, but realized that the situation is much more serious when, during another change almost fainted.

`By the time I was shaking uncontrollably - says Nikki. - I racked oznob`.

`My heart beat at a rate of 135 beats per minute. But a few hours after taking pain the pain is gone, and I no longer considered an emergency bolnym`.

Doctors have speculated that the incident was a complication after the last treatment, breast augmentation, and the patient was sent home.

The next morning Belza felt worse; the temperature rose to 40