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Date of birth: 23.07.1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


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Nikita Zverev was born July 23, 1973 in Moscow. He was the fourth child in the family: Nikita sister Christina and older brothers Anton and Alex. Father Nikita took a large position in the circus - he was in charge of all the circus tour. Mom at one time she graduated from Institute of culture and could become an actress, but she decided to dedicate his life to family, children.

Today it is hard to imagine, but as a child, Nikita was very small. This greatly upset him, because, according to Nikita`s good to be with his fists. Therefore, from the sixth grade, he began to walk on the bar, push-ups at home and off the floor. Sports help the boy, he was strengthened and matured. Nikita`s not throwing sessions: "I try to maintain themselves, so you can easily lift a heavy load, the wife take the hands to stand up for the weak."

Nikita was a classic childhood of the future actor. He grew up moving, restless child. The school is constantly spinning at the desk, and teachers periodically exhibited his door. But he grasped the science on the fly, especially the humanities - literature and history. True, this assessment was not very worried about it - five, so five and two, so two. That`s what he grew up - the soul of the company and a headache for teachers. Nikita House with her sister and brother often set scenes, such as, for example, "Pinocchio." Partly for that reason, and partly in order to channel the energy of the son in the right direction, my mother in 12 years gave Nikita in a theatrical circle. There began his journey in the art of ...

Who to be?

But the circle, circle, and besides, to select acting as their profession, Nikita Zverev did not come immediately. After school, Nikita had to make a choice. It would be surprising that he is not tried his hand at the circus. He tried, even as a schoolboy. There was a clown, bottom, trapeze artist, but it did not bring much pleasure to Nikita. In addition, he began to pursue an injury. Fate seemed to suggest that it is not necessary with the circus itself.

After school, Nikita worked in a circus, then visited the builder, and even tried his hand at business. But then I realized that in life you have to change something. So why not become an actor?

Nikita Schepkinskoe enrolled in school, but studied for about a month, he felt that he was insanely boring and uninteresting. Nikita says: "Once on a single of the first lessons the teacher asked us to line up and shout a few times in the army," Hello, "I came out of the audience and decided to go back there not worth it."

But when Nikita entered the GITIS to Peter Fomenko, then I realized that he had met with the grand school. Here he grew up into a real actor, and still speaks with great respect for Peter N..


With Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov Nikita Zverev met in 2001. Maitre cinema and theater noticed the young actor in the graduation performance and decided to invite him to his troupe. In "Snuff" Nikita worked until 2005. Played in such performances as "The Long Christmas Dinner," "The Lower Depths", "Arcadia", "From Thursday to Thursday", "bite", "An Ideal Husband". It seemed that his theatrical career is more than successful. More surprising was his departure from the theater.

Why did he vse-taki gone? "I want independence, - says Nikita. - Working in the theater, I gave up a lot, because I was ashamed to come and ask: "Let me go to the shooting!" In any repertory theater adapts to the well-known artists. " The actor admits that with great difficulty, decided to take this step. As for Tabakov ... "Perhaps I rarely tell people in the eye" thank you ", but inside my huge gratitude to Oleg Pavlovich - recognized actor. - After all, the mere presence of such a theatrical values, as Oleg Tabakov, in my acting life pushes out to conquer the big top ".

Movie. The road to fame

If the theater audience, to some extent, lost actor Zvereva, that moviegoers have gained much. Until 2005, Nikita Zverev rarely filmed. And then - just a lot of work, the role of Basil Koltsov, the elder brother of Lisa, in the popular television series` Talisman of Love ". Zverev played a good man, who at times can be very hot-tempered. His character and always helps his sister in all her support. And he loves horses and spends much time in the stable ...

The next major role was in the TV series Nikita Alexander Chernyaev "Russian translation" based on the novel by Andrei Konstantinov "Journalist". Before Nikita Andrew Obnorsky role already played Alexander Domogarov ( "Gangster Petersburg") and Andrei Sokolov ( "Agency" Golden bullet "). Choosing this time, the director was looking for a young, physically strong, but still neraskruchennyh actor. The candidacy of Nikita Zverev was perfect. "For any actor, novice and already known, such a role - a dream. This is a stunning material, in which a lot of adventure and action games, "- says Nikita.

In the story, the hero Nikita Zverev, translator-Arabist Andrew Obnorsky going to practice in Yemen, a group of Soviet military advisers. Here he will have to learn to survive in the bloody hell of war. In one scene, his character runs an obstacle course, and then his hands are skinned in the blood. The actor refused to understudy and performed all by himself. And he had to do five or six takes! And his hands were torn off in earnest. I do not resort to the services of a stuntman, he and other scenes. "If we play someone - so be it. Fight - so fight for real, love - because love! In another way, I just do not know and I can not! "- Says Nikita.

Courageous, reliable, loyal ...

Movies "Talisman of Love" and "Russian translation for" Nikita Zverev brought to the attention of the audience, especially the female half. This is not surprising, because on the screen it appears in the images of brave, reliable, faithful men. With its attractive appearance and strong power, Nikita creates memorable images: Dmitry Povetkin ( "Airport-2"), Michael ( "Relatives"), Victor Kromin ( "Love on a knife edge"), Butov ( "Return of the Turkish").

A notable character was his hero in the film "Stronger than Fire." In the film, Nikita Zverev played an officer who, during World War II hits the front in the inferno. Having a German prisoner and the penal battalion, Zvereva hero is transformed from boy-lieutenant in edakogo god of war, a man hard and even brutal, coarsened so that the soul that has no not believe in anything.

In 2008 he was invited Zverev director Daria Poltoratskaya the lead role in the TV series "Lace". Here, his character - an experienced journalist Kirill Potapov, people gathered, purposeful, smart, hard-working and very attractive. Equally appealing his character in the series "Blue Night" - athlete-biathlete Vladimir Dobrynin, who, being expelled from the Olympic team, it becomes a simple sporty summer pioneer camp. The actor admits that in some ways similar to his character, as, indeed, and characters from drugihkartin. He`s in real life is - a reliable, friendly and a little shy. With many of his heroes Nikita unites internal nesuetlivy, sense of justice, understanding the weakness and helplessness of the female sex. "I can not bear to pass, when the stick of a woman - a little embarrassed, he says - when the old insult to my eyes. If you`re young and healthy man, it should not remain on the sidelines. "

Movies and love

The first family experience Nikita Zverev was unsuccessful, but a long time to be alone so bright, interesting man could not ... When in 2008 he was invited to a major role in the Ukrainian series "The Territory of Beauty" actor, probably had no idea that he would find here their love . In the series, Nikita got the role of a surgeon Theodore, a man with a difficult destiny, past service in hot spots, and returns to his hometown with the desire to prove their right to life, love and career. On the main female role was invited as well-known, bright and talented actress - Julia Mavrin. Here, on the set, between young people and I broke out love.

In the series between the characters of Nikita and Julia complex, even conflicting relations. Play this young love each other people is not easy. In an interview with Nikita Zverev admitted: "I`m told the directors that I was tougher because the eyes are. That I did not see Julia, and character, and I understand that I need podsobratsya not stand with kindness and warmth in his eyes. And so I frown, skukozhivaetsya face ... Internally still is a nice wave, and from all of this is a feeling that you would like kto-to tickles. " As will further develop relations Nikita and Julia - time will tell. We wish them great happiness.


2001 The lion`s share

2004 Shadowboxing

2005 Nine Unknowns

2005 Talisman of Love - TV series

2006 Airport-2 - TV series

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2006 Martha and her puppies

2006 Russian translation - series

2007 Adult life Polina Subbotina girls

2007 Return of the Turkish - series

2007 Love on a knife edge

2007 Stronger than Fire

2007 Relatives and friends

2008 cops and robbers

2008 Gift of God

2008 Not one step back

Lace 2008 - series

Blue Night 2008 - series

2009 South Wind, Clear Day

2009 Territory of Beauty - show

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