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Date of birth: 10.07.1974

Age: 42

Birthplace: Sochi

Citizenship: Russia


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Nikita Tyunin was born in the city of Sochi, the son of an engineer and a doctor. In 1976 his family moved in Troitsk, near Moscow, and spent his childhood there future actor. The older sister, Nikita Galina Tyunina, going to school, worked in a children`s theater studio at the House of Scientists. Junior Nikita drew atmosphere studio, he never missed a play sisters. Finally, in the third class, the troupe took his. How happy he was!

Nikita tells about the time spent in the studio theater: "We had great performances, and our director Larisa built a very interesting repertoire. There were different pieces - from the ancient Greeks to modern. (Galya in the play by the ancient Greek plays played Elektra). I remember that in one of the performances played chairman of the board of the detachment, I loved this role. In Shakespeare`s play I have played Dudka - student grinder and organ-blower. I remembered this experience when rehearsing in the theater Vasilyeva "Feast" Plato and good improvising on the theme of playing musical instruments. And in the House of Scientists it was a wonderful staircase with wide railing, and after rehearsals all the time we rolled through it. "

At 11 years old Nikita debuted on the silver screen. In Roman Viktyuk telefilm "The Long Memory" tells the story of a pioneer-hero, scout Volodya Dubinin, who died in a battle against the Nazi invaders, he played a major role. Before graduation, Nikita starred in the film "Autumn Meeting," "Music Shift" and "Gu-ga".

Parents are very well treated by the passion of children theater. They were both creative people in his spare time, he sang in the choir at the House of Scientists. Therefore, when Galina decided to enroll in a theater school, he took her dad to Saratov on the machine. There was no doubt, and Nikita. It is true that at one time he thought of Suvorov Military School, but in high school decided - just an actor!


Acting education Nikita Tyunin received GITIS (now - RATI) in the course of Goncharov. In 1995, Nikita graduated and then spent some time in the Theater. Mayakovsky.

In 1997, Nikita Tyunin came to Anatoly Vasilyev in his theater "School of Dramatic Art". Here, the actor played both in performances and improve their skills in the lab, open the theater. When asked why he chose Anatoly Vasiliev, Nikita Tyunin he replied: "You know, there is a funny expression of Stanislavsky:" The artificial stimulation of the periphery of the body, "and the actors on stage are often engaged in this. I wanted instead to understand the structure of the theater, the rules of acting. I helped a lot in this study of the texts of Plato, that we played in the laboratory Vasilyev. "

In the "School of Dramatic Art" Tyunin worked until 2003, has been busy in the performances: "Pushkin`s morning", "Mozart and Salieri", "Iliad", "From traveling Onegin" and OE

In 2005, actor joined the troupe of the theater "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop" (which, incidentally, is his sister Galina Tyunina). Vasiliev and Fomenko - two different schools. "Of course - says Nikita Tyunin -" Fomenko Workshop "for me - it`s a different world. While rehearsing with Ivan Popovski play "Rhinoceros" (with offers of Ivan to play in this performance began my work in the "Workshop"), I remembered how we rehearsed Vasilyev dialogues of Erasmus. playwrights absurdists texts are very similar to them. I remember, as Peter N. looked run "Rhino", he said that each of us have to struggle to find a rhinoceros in itself. Then to me it was a novelty. "

From the works of the actor played in the "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop": Monsieur Papillon in the play "Rhinoceros" Tractor in the play "One Absolutely Happy Village", Duke Frederick in "The Tale of Arden" Shary-Vaska in the "Triptych", Luke play "After the curtain."


As already noted, their way to the movies Nikita began at a young age. Studying in GITIS, the actor continued filming. So, in the drama of Leo Kulidzhanov "Tinkerbell", he played a major role - the young officer by the name of Vladimir. Soon after graduation Tyunin starred in the famous film Valeri Todorovski "Country of the Deaf" (Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun starring). His hero was Alex - a passionate player, the casino owner owes a large sum, and forced out of this hiding. And the voice of the role famous actor Sergei Bezrukov.

In the next decade Nikita Tyunin periodically appeared in various TV series (

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