Nikita Tatarenkov

Picture of Nikita Tatarenkov

Date of Birth: 09/15/1975

Age: 41

Place of birth: Serpukhov

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Winner of the prize for best theatrical debut in the 1996-1997 season.


Nikita Tatarenkov born on September 15, 1975 in Serpukhov. In the family, all the men were professional soldiers: and his father and grandfather. Nikita was brought up in strict rules and initially planned to continue the dynasty, to serve in the missile troops. Everything changed with the move to Moscow. Tatarenkov settled on Rustaveli street, where the neighborhood turned Youth Theatre Vyacheslav Spesivtseva. Nikita began studying at drama school, and soon contracted the virus scene, has never thought his future life without theater.

WTU them. Shchukin

In 1992, Nikita Tatarenkov entered the Higher Theatre School. Schukin Yuri Shlykova course. Subsequently Shlikov recalled: "It was a subtle, but very" sunny "guy. His charm and stunning organic razili spot. " Tatarenkov soon showed leadership qualities: he was in the forefront of all the lessons of acting, the ringleader in all parties. In short everything was fine ...

However, in the second year the boy was nearly expelled from school. During the examination of the performance, he appeared on stage with blue lips, than threw the audience into laughter. As it turned out, tortured by thirst, Nikita took a sip from some bottles behind the scenes, and there were ink. The teachers did not believe in the randomness and Nikita accused of disrupting the exam. For general pet we go ask all course and defended him.

The first big success was the young actor`s part in the play "Idiot", staged at the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya. As a student, Tatarenkov perfectly played the role of Koli Ivolgina and was awarded the "Debut of the Year" award in 1996.

At the turn of the century

The end of the 90`s was not the best time for graduates of theater schools. Settle into the theater was difficult movie was filmed is not much, and they were often not the best quality. Nikita Tatarenkov lucky. While studying in the final year, he starred in Nikita Mikhalkov in his film "The Barber of Siberia" as cadets Alibekova. And two years later he played the role of Ivan Tatarenkov Kalyaeva (by the way, a real historical character, a revolutionary-bomber) in the series "The empire is under attack."

On the set of "The Barber of Siberia" Tatarenkov met with Oleg Menshikov. Menshikov at the time created entreprise "Theatrical Company 814", speaking in her not only as an actor, but a director. He then lured to his from the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya young promising actor, entrusting Tatarenkov roles in "Kitchen" (new and Siegfried, King of the Nibelungs) and "Players" (Glov Jr.).

Shura Balaganov

In 2005, the director Ulyana Shilkina made another adaptation of the immortal novel by Ilf and Petrov "Golden Calf". On the role of the Shura Balaganov producers planned to invite Paul Derevianko, but Oleg Menshikov insisted viewed Nikita Tatarenkov.

In addition to film and Menshikov Tatarenkov starring well-known actors such as: Dmitry Nazarov, Olga Krasko, Mikhail Efremov, FedorDobronravov, Inga Oboldina and OE novel by Ilf and Petrov has been recreated in great detail and accurate, however, the expected success was not achieved. Sparkling Ilf-Petrine humor that succeeded at one time in their own way to pass Michael Schweizer (1968, "The Golden Calf"), Leonid Gaidai (1971, "12 chairs") and Mark Zakharov (1976, "12 chairs") did not submit Ulyana Shilkina. Who knows, maybe the matter is that, as the time and was the excessive slowness of the painting (8 episodes).

Other roles

Nikita Tatarenkov not often appeared in films. Among his rare works: Andrew`s Ukrainian film "The Hunt for shadow," Anton Klimin in the movie "Crazy November". However, he did not on this occasion highly experienced, preferring scene.


1998 Siberian Tsiryulnik

2000 Empire under attack - series

2003 Case Pelican / The Pelican Brief (US)

2005 Golden Calf

2005 Hunt for shadow (Ukraine)

2005 Players - photoplay

2008 Crazy November (Russia-Ukraine)

2011 Tunguska meteorite