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Date of Birth: 09/03/1970

Age: 46

Place of birth: Astrakhan

Citizenship: Russia

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Author: Andrew Puminov

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Nikita Salopin was born into a theatrical family, but his parents did not play on the stage of the capital, and in Astrakhan. Basil Salopin, the actor`s father, at the time he graduated from GITIS and the distribution went to Astrakhan. Together with him on the stage of the local Youth Theatre has performed one of the first graduates of the theater department of the local music school Galina Kladomasova. In the family there were two sons - Nikita (9 March 1970), and later Anton. Boys literally grew up in the theater, and saw all the scenes iz-za the role of their parents, especially the father, who was the leading actor of the troupe. A little later, the family moved to Tambov and began performing on the stage of the local drama theater, then iz-za family circumstances Galina Pavlovna and his sons had to return to Astrakhan. Nikita studied not only in the usual, but in the music school, but in the choice of their future life path had no doubt of course, he would be an actor, and, of course, will study in Moscow.

Nikita Salopina dreams fulfilled - he became a student at Moscow Art Theatre School. In 1996, receiving a diploma, Nikita joined the troupe of the Taganka Theater. No shelter, no registration in the young actor was not, and with the permission of the theater artistic director Yuri Lyubimov, he stayed overnight on a small stage. Candles, a grand piano, on which you can improvise a portrait of Chaplin - it all looked very romantic, but a career in the Taganka Theater Nikita did not work. And the relationship with a former classmate, and while the actress Theater on Malaya Bronnaya Marina Glazkova, developed seriously. In 1998, Nikita Salopin went to work in the Malaya Bronnaya Theater, the troupe which was nine years old, and immediately got some interesting roles. The statement `Passion for Torchalovu` he played a policeman steppe, then he has been involved in productions of` Meteor` (Lutz pastor), `Dr. Faust` (Robin),` Duraki` (Myshkin), `Slavic bezumstva` (Velimir) and many other theater productions. Like any young actor, and we had different roles in children`s performances (Zolushka` `` Ognivo`, etc.) in his repertoire. However, in any manner it was possible to notice talent and inner beauty of the actor. It was at this time Salopin began acting in commercials, and his face was recognizable, though not associated with a specific character, and caring young dad. He became the youngest pope in life - Marina gave birth to a daughter, Anastasia. However, shortly after the birth of the child the couple broke up - peacefully and without quarrels, only because both realized the futility of further joint life. The relationship between the divorced spouses continue to be friendly, and Nikita took care of her daughter, seeing her almost every day.

By this time the actor has become a star in a movie. His first role was the famous artist Viktor Popkov, which Salopin played in the TV movie, filmed for TV `Kultura` in 2001. And his first `serialnym` hero was a thief Kohl` Return Muhtara` (series `Features rybalki` City, 2003). Debut, though ending a hero`s death, was a success, and an invitation from the filmmakers did not take long. In 2003 Salopin starred in `` Taste of murder (Sasha Bugetov), ??was followed by the role of Alexander in the comedy series `` Unexpected Joy (2004). External data and actor Nikita manner of the invitation to contribute to the role of women in `forme` - military or police officers. Among these roles - Lieutenant in the TV series `` The Insider (2005), the investigator Tatyana Kostenko in `` the bottom (2007), a police captain Ustyantsev in `` Crazy Angel (2008) and OE remember the spectators and the pilot Korolev in the `` Charter (2006), Lieutenant Boronko in `Aeroporte` (2006), scout Maksyuta in` Razvedchikah` (2008). For one of the most memorable roles include the chief actor in the protection Zotikov crime drama `` PiraMMMida (2011), which tells the story of a true story of the notorious MMM company ``. Unusually performed Salopina became the protagonist of the second season of the series of mystical `Here someone est` (2011) Dmitry Proskurin, attempt to investigate the cause of place in his house mysterious phenomena. Currently, the actor starred in almost fifty roles. His latest role - Sanya Goncharov melodramatic series `docheri` Adults (2015). Two projects involving Nikita Salopina ( `Trepalov and Koshelek` and` From the bottom vershiny`) are still in production.

The work on the remake of `Call of romana` (2011), where the famous actor played the role of an investor, had an unexpected continuation in his personal life. During the filming of the Christmas TV shows `What does zhenschina` devoted to this film, Salopin Lisa met with the assistant director, who became his second wife. Lisa has a son from his first marriage, Daniel, and she gave birth to a daughter Nikita Evdokia and his son Tikhon. In addition to the shooting on TV and in the series, the actor is also involved in work on the audio recordings, in particular, has released a book by V. Pelevin `to` Empire. Nikita Salopin also is the founder and director of the theater center `Grimerka`. There are trained young actors and staged a number of performances. In particular, `On dne`, Tanya`` `The House of Bernarda Alby`` Passion for Torchalovu` and others.

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