Nikita Podgornuy

Picture of Nikita Podgornuy

Date of Birth: 02/16/1931

Age: 51

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Olga Chouvaeva: We went, as always, in his car. And there, in Tbilisi, Nikita told me that he had a sore back under the shoulder blade. Let`s go to the clinic to check - do not worry, like low back pain. When we arrived in Moscow, we went to the CITO: diagnosis was confirmed. Appointed or nominated treatment: warmth, massage. Nothing helped the pain went on increasing. Drink analgin, she says: "It seems better ..." And then again. Of course, kakie-to creeping suspicions, but I drove them, because many times did Nikita X-ray. And none of them showed nothing wrong. And so it dragged on through the winter. And March 26, 1982. For me this day a memorable double. The last time I played "The Power of Darkness." I was going to go to the show. Nikita was at home. I called a doctor friend. What a strange voice. I only remember he said something like: "With our other bad." He asked: "Nikita Vladimirovich at home?" "Yes at home". - "Well, then give me a call at night." He left the phone. I was talking in the kitchen, and Nikita was reading in the bedroom. He asked me who it was. I said that this is a new director to the radio. I do not remember how to play the show. I called before the last picture. The doctor said that Nikita cancer. I said, "It`s hopeless?" "No". - "Operation?" - "Either. The tumor is located in such a way that no surgeon will not be able to get it. It envelops the average pulmonary stem bronchus."

In the course went Version: in the country there are only two scanning apparatus. One of them is in the Cancer Center at Kashirke. Under this pretext, Podgorny put there for examination. He came to the department, which was headed by Academician Blokhin`s wife, Nadezhda Germanovna, Podgorny who knew since childhood. He continued to rehearse, play performances. Only stopped smoking. It was hard to breathe. To justify the severe treatment, chemotherapy, put "diagnosis": cirrhosis of the lung.

But the actor has learned the diagnosis and also hide it from family and friends.

... Choking and thinner Nikita came to his favorite Shchelykovo and behaved in the same way as always, in a major way, I gathered around a lot of people who valued his sense of humor and looked on him as a part and parcel of the Shchelykovo!

... Nikita snikshy quite understood that it was necessary to return to Moscow, you need to be closer to doctors. He sat behind the wheel of his car, smiling all to see him off, waving goodbye and loudly-loudly said: "Until next summer! Certainly!" - And, famously deploying car drove off to Moscow ...

Immediately outside Shchelykovo he barely moved in the back seat of the car, behind the wheel a local resident, truck driver, agreed to accompany him to Moscow, Nikita Everything was thought out, directed and played brilliantly!

... On the way to Moscow I had to stop in almost every village, not to mention the cities Sudislavl, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov Veliky, Pereslavl to make painkillers almost fainted Nikita ...

Podgorny once said: "If I were a prisoner was tortured, I would immediately gave all ..." It was believed that willpower - not the strength of this man. It could seem depressed, frustrated. But the courage with which he bore the horror of his departure, remembers everything. No tantrums, no whims, no complaints. The courage and dignity. Tears stood in the eyes of its partners, all have guessed. In the history of the theater, perhaps, there was no case to an actor in the last stage of cancer appeared on stage in the role of a man dying of cancer. In its final stage Podgorny went up the stairs high, almost to the grate, lit by a bright ray of light. The last word spoken to them on the stage, was a "good-bye".