Nikita Efremov

Picture of Nikita Efremov

Date of Birth: 05/30/1988

Age: 28

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Nikita Efremov was born in Moscow on May 30, 1988. His mother - Asya Vorobyeva (Bikmuhametova) graduated from the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University, worked as a literary editor at the theater "Contemporary", engaged in the selection of pieces for productions. The Pope - a popular actor, a favorite of millions of viewers - Mikhail Efremov, his grandfather - the legendary actor and director Oleg Yefremov. At the time of love with Mikhail Efremov Asya she was married to a famous actor Anton Tabakov. As a result of an affair, their marriage fell apart, and for Michael Asya did not come out ...

The name of his famous father, Nikita began carrying twelve years. Nikita studied at the School of Mathematics, growing mobile and emotional boy - playing football, volleyball, hockey. On the acting profession the young man began to think in high school. "My father tried to dissuade me, - says Nikita. - He said it was hard profession, but added: "If you want to - do". And I decided to try ... "


In 2009 goduNikita Efremov graduated from Moscow Art Theatre School, where he studied on a course Konstantin Raikin. His thesis was: Don Juan in the play "The Silence - gold" and Chatsky in "Woe from Wit". For the role Chvtskogo young actor was awarded the "Golden Leaf - 2009" in the category "Best Actor".

After graduating from the School of the Moscow Art Theater Nikita Efremov he joined the theater "Contemporary". "I must say that in the" Contemporary "father did not help to do, - says Nikita. - He has six children, a lot of work and position, that a man should seek all myself. " On the stage of "Contemporary" the actor is busy in performances: "Pretty" (Mr. Kolb), "Three Comrades" (Gottfried Lenz), "Sergei" (Sergey Nikitin).

Nikita Efremov itself to the question whether it would be hard to wear such a famed name, says: "I am on this subject is not worried. There are responsibilities, there is pride in his father and grandfather. But I do not believe that I was standing on a par with them only on the basis that the burden of the same name. Yes, priznayuschestno, after graduation, when done in the theater, there was a thought that did not take me, and Ephraim. But I do, thank God, not so recognized. And this, I believe, for the better ... "


In addition to these good actors Nikita Efremov and has a noticeable appearance: smart piercing blue eyes, tall, crazy charm and all this - a pleasant tone of voice. Well, with such data, and does not appear in the movie ?? !! While still a student, he participated in the shooting of the series "My Fair Nanny" (Stas), starred in the action adventure "Insatiable" (Subject), a prominent role in the melodrama "The most beautiful" (Ilya).

The popular actor has contributed military film "Legend of the bomber" (film adaptation of the novel by Michael Weller), published on Russian screens in April 2011. In this picture Nikita Efremov starred - Soviet pilot Andrew Grivtsova, crashed on the territory occupied by the Nazis and forced to reach their ... The movie has caused the most contradictory opinions of viewers - from enthusiastic to sharply negative. But be that as it may, the actor spoke ...

In the same 2011 Efremov took part in articulating full-length animated movie "Prince Ivan and the Gray Wolf". His voice spoke the main character - Ivan Tsarevich.

Even greater success was waiting for Nikita Efremov in 2012. The nostalgic melodramatic TV series "The Eighties" actor brilliantly played by a student and musician rocker Galdina and youth romantic comedy "Zolushka" starred - Man Pasha.


2004 Medusa - Short

My Fair Nanny 2004-2005 - series

2005 Most Beautiful

2006 Hijacking - series

2006 Hunter

2006 Insatiable

2008 Passenger

2011 Ballad of a Bomber (Ukraine)

2011 My boyfriend - Angel

2011 The Eighties - TV series

2012 Zolushka

2012 Sergei - photoplay

2012 Love with accent (Georgia)

Winter 2012 will not