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Date of Birth: 06/20/1967

Age: 49

Place of Birth: Honolulu

Citizenship: Australia

Australian with European roots

The Early Years

Nicole Kidman was born in the administrative center of Hawaii, Honolulu, June 20, 1967. Despite the fact that everyone thinks Australian actress, in fact it is not. Her parents were born in Australia, but had Scottish and Irish roots. Nicole`s father was engaged in research in the field of medicine, and his mother was a teacher at the College of Medicine. In 1970 they had a another daughter Antonia.

they lived in the US for some time. When Nicole was 4 years old, his father got a job at the Technical University of Sydney, and the family moved to Australia. Here spent his childhood and teenage years, Nicole, so many people mistakenly believe her and Australian.

His mother was a staunch feminist, which is reflected in the education of daughters. For example, she never bought a Barbie doll Nicole, thinking that his appearance it demeans the dignity of women. And somehow, even she admitted that she regrets that she did not have a son.

In 4 years, Nicole started practicing ballet, and a few years later went to the women`s high school. However, soon she had to leave school because of his mother`s illness: she was diagnosed with breast cancer, so all the family responsibilities fell on the girl. As acknowledged by most actresses, as a teenager she hated herself. She was thin and tall (175 cm in 13 years), with white skin and red hair. Because of this, all classmates teased her carrot.

Passion for dance led Nicole in youth theater, and then in TeatrFilip Street, where she not only studied art history, but also practiced singing. With an innate talent, she easily found a agent and soon landed her first role on stage. And in 1983, the debut of the screen Kidman: she starred in the music video of singer Pat Wilson.

In 15 years, Nicole already being filmed for television. Her first job in cinema was the role of Judy in the film `Bandits at velosipedah` (1983). But for the first time the critics have noticed the talented actress after the miniseries `Hilton` Bangkok. The rights to the show have been bought by many countries, which contributed to even greater popularity Kidman. After the success of the painting `shtil` Dead (1989), which was financed by Warner` Brazers`, Nicole was invited to Hollywood.

World fame

During the filming of the movie `groma` Days (1990) Kidman met with actor Tom Cruise, and they began an affair. Lovers did not wait long, and December 24, 1990 were married. They were one of the best couples in Hollywood, but after the release of the movie `glazami` Wide Shut (1999), which played a husband and wife, suddenly parted. It is said that the controversial film by Stanley Kubrick also contributed to the star couple relation, although the couple never confirmed this.

In 2001, at the time of her divorce from Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman was already a star of the first magnitude. In many ways, this status was made possible thanks to the role of Susan Stone Mariette in satirical komedii`Za that is umeret` (1995), for which the actress was awarded the `Golden globusa`. An even greater popularity contributed to the picture `Wide Shut glazami` - the last work of the great Stanley Kubrick.

Its success Nicole Kidman cemented the role of the courtesan Satine in the film `Moulin Ruzh` (2001). It showed not only a brilliant actor`s game, but also a good gymnastic and vocal abilities she performing stunts and vocals. Equally successful was the mystical thriller `Drugie` (2001), which earned more at the box office of $ 200 million.

The peak of acting career, Kidman was the picture of `Chasy` (2002), where she played a complex role of writer Virginia Woolf. Thanks to the stunning cast of the film has become a major premiere in 2002, earning numerous awards at world film festivals. Besides `Golden globusa` prize at the Berlinale and Nicole got her first `Oscar`.

In 2003, we began filming the most original and unusual film in cinema history - `Dogvill`. The psychological drama is one of the most controversial director Lars von Trier created by the canons of `95` Dogma, it has received a wide response and became the opening Kidman for the European public. If the tape was received pretty cool in the US, in Europe it gained a cult status. The actress has acquired a few more millions of fans - is now in the Old World.

Recent years

We can not say that after `Dogvillya` Kidman`s career went into decline, but the number of iconic films decreased. An exception may be noted epic drama `Cold gora` (2003), which earned 176 million and has received 7 nominations for` Oscar `. On the set of pictures Nicole met with actor Jude Law. They are having a good friendly relationship, but the press immediately attributed their romance. Soon Lowe separated from his wife Sadie Frost, and one edition of the accused in this Kidman. Actress immediately sued and won the case.

It is known that Nicole Kidman had a relationship with actor Tobey Maguire, Robbie Williams, Lenny Kravitz. In 2005 she met musician Keith Urban, whom she married a year later. Star couple has two daughters - Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Because of the ectopic pregnancy, transferred in the first marriage to Cruise, Kidman could not have a second child, so the child was stand surrogate mother. However, it still is the biological daughter of Nicole and Keith.

After several years of silence, Nicole Kidman reasserted itself, playing the role of Grace Kelly in the biographical drama `Monako` Princess (2013). And although the film was received ambiguously, it is revealed that the actress is still too early to write off. In addition to filming a movie Kidman successfully removed in advertising. She is the face of Chanel perfume brand No. ` 5` and the Swiss watch brand `Omega`. Nicole Kidman has been recognized by the most beautiful woman in the world.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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