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Date of Birth: 08/10/1961

Age: 55

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: United States

investment strategist `tsennostey`

Higher Education Nicholas was at the New York University (New York University); becoming a bachelor of finance and international business, he almost immediately began to apply their skills in practice. It soon became obvious that Berggryuen found its recognition - according to the magazine `Forbes`, in 2010, the company owned by him a total cost of $ 2.2 billion. Most of his fortune amassed Nicholas on operating activities. He founded in 1984 the company `Berggruen Holdings, Inc.` Acted as an advisor on investment fund family; total since the founding of them was carried out 50 operations large enough. In 1984, the group created a Nicolas `Alpha Investment Management` - hedge fund manager, and later resold` Safra Bank`.

Of course, your own business, Nicholas was able to open not at once. For some time he worked in the family investment group `Bass Brothers Enterprises` as an analyst in the field of real estate; some time served in Berggryuen `Jacobson and Co., Inc`.

Nicholas never sought to acquire personal property - even now he does not have no car or their home. The businessman says that he is not interested to have things - after all, long time no possession can not last.

At the moment, Nicolas uses in its operations, strategy, he called himself `investment value` (values ??investing; the name in common with the more famous investment principle investiirovaniem`s ??value `` - `value investing`). Berggryuen invest in vetroenergotsentry Turkey, wheat fields in Australia and rebuilding poor neighborhoods of large cities. At the moment, Nicholas is the Young Presidents Organization (Young Presidents` Organization).

One of the main interests is Berggryuena architecture; businessman spends a lot of time with large skilled in the art, such as Richard Meier (Richard Meier), Shigeru Ban (Shigeru Ban) and David Adjaye (David Adjaye). Art has always attracted Nicholas - even now, he always tries to find time in his busy schedule in order to get acquainted with the new creations of modern masters. Berggryuen serves on the boards of directors of the Museum Berggryuena, the District Museum of Los Angeles (Los Angeles County Museum), the International Council of the Museum of London`s Tate (International Councils of the Tate Museum) and the New York Museum of Modern Art (Museum of Modern Art). A lot of effort and Nicholas gives the institution its name - a powerful research organization dedicated to the popularization of active political and intellectual way of thinking.

In 2010 Berggryuen taken under the leadership of the German chain stores `Karstadt`, thus he saved it from bankruptcy. In October, he expressed an interest in the personal sponsorship and the development of non-partisan committee for reorganization of California government and promised to help the state get out of the ongoing financial crisis.

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