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He gained fame for starring roles in several successful Hollywood films in the 50s and 60s, as well as playing a major role in teleseriale-western ABC`s `The Rebel` in 1959-1961. Decades after the death of Adams, from an overdose of drugs (he was 36 years old) , it was widely reported in the press friends with James Dean (James Dean) and Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley) again aroused general interest, as the personal life of the actor ,and the circumstances of his death.

Real name Adams - Nicholas Aloysius Adamchuck (Nicholas Aloysius Adamshock), he was born July 10, 1931 in the town of Nanticoke, Pennsylvania (Nanticoke, Pennsylvania). His father was an American of Ukrainian descent and worked as a miner, coal mining. Later, Adams recalled those years as a time of grinding poverty - families of miners living in shacks owned companies, and buy products at the store, owned by the company, and were constantly in her debt. It seemed to break out was impossible. However, when Nick was five years old, his uncle was killed in an accident in the mine ,Nick and his father just abandoned all their possessions in the old car and went aimlessly. Eventually, they moved to New Jersey (New Jersey).

In 1948 in New York City (New York) 17 -year-old Nick was on listening to the play `The Silver Tassie` and met with Jack Palance (Jack Palance),also an actor of Ukrainian descent and the son of a miner from Pennsylvania. When Pelans Nick asked why he wanted to be an actor, he frankly admitted that because of the money, and he came up with a new Pelans name and gave the youth theater company, where Adams got his first role. Nick `s parents and friends did not understand his desire to become an artist ,Considering that a young person needs to have a good profession that could feed him and become a hairdresser or something like that. But Nick stubbornly kept his - he wanted to do something where you can quickly make a lot of money. Finally, a year later, having gained professional experience, he hitchhiked to Los Angeles (Los Angeles).A few years in Los Angeles, Adams odd jobs and finally, after three years of survival, in 1951 he got his first film role, playing a boy - messenger in the musical film `Somebody Loves Me`. This allowed him to join the Screen Actors Guild (Screen Actors Guild),but he was unable at that time to find a permanent acting, even claiming that he acted with Pelansom in `The Silver Tassie` in New York. Do not despair, Adams joined the theater workshop led by Arthur Kennedy (Arthur Kennedy), and January 1952 he was drafted into the United States Coast Guard (United States Coast Guard).Two and a half years later, in June of 1954, his ship docked in Long Beach (Long Beach), and after an impressive listening in director John Ford (John Ford) Adams won the role of a sailor Reber (Reber) in the film ` Mr. Roberts` (Mister Roberts), spending on shooting your entire vacation. Then the 23 -year-old Adams completed military service ,he returned to Los Angeles, got a good agent and signed with `Warner Brothers`.

Since 1955, he has played about 60 roles, most of them - supporting roles in film and television, as responsible for the audition film companies employees thought he was not high enough or beautiful for the main characters, but according to their own opinion,it is perfectly suited to the role of friends and colleagues the main personazheyfilma.

In 1964 Nick Adams was nominated for `Oscar` as the ` Best Supporting Actor plana` for her role in ` Twilight chesti` (Twilight Of Honor), excellently played a murder suspect. Alas, the most powerful scenes with him were cut from the final version of the film ,and the award went to another actor.

In 1959, Adams was married to actress Carol Nugent (Carol Nugent), with whom he had two children, a daughter and a son, but the propensity to hobbies Nick played the leading roles in the films on which he worked, did not contribute to happiness in marriage. In September 1965, Carol has officially filed for divorce ,several years between the couple continued the battle for custody of the children, but completed divorce proceedings did not have time because of the death of Nick.

After filming `Los Asesinos` (1968) in Mexico (Mexico) Adams flew to Rome (Rome) on the shooting of another film, but found that turned the project. Friends later said ,Adams was completely crushed by the news. On the night of February 7, 1968, his lawyer and friend Erwin Roeder (Erwin Roeder) went to Adams, who missed the meeting to make sure everything is okay with him. Seeing the lights on and the car in the garage, Raeder got into the house through a window and found dead in the upstairs bedroom of Adams. An autopsy revealed the presence in the blood of the actor enough drugs to cause a momentary loss of consciousness. To this day, the death of Nick Adams is a Hollywood mystery - it was not possible to find out whether it was an accident, suicide or homicide

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