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Date of Birth: 05/12/1908

Age: 78

Place of birth: Budapest

Citizenship: United Kingdom


He developed the famous criterion of efficiency Kaldor-Hicks modified principle of Pareto optimality, saying that the transition from one state of the economic system to another increases the general welfare, when members of the public, winning in this transition, the potential to offset the loss to those whose situation is deteriorating .

Kaldor also responsible for the occurrence of the very simple dynamic model - the cobweb model used to demonstrate the process of pricing in a competitive market. He argued that there are certain patterns observed as the economic growth (the curve of technological progress on Kaldor). Nicolas coined the term `convenience vyhoda` associated with commodity markets, and the so-called theory of storage, the development of which was originally engaged in Woking Holbrook (Holbrook Working).

Nicholas Kaldor, Baron Kaldor (birth Kaldor Miklos / K & # 225; ldor Mikl & # 243; s), born on May 12, 1908 th, in Budapest (Budapest). He was educated in his native town, then in Berlin (Berlin) and the London School of Economics (LondonSchool of Economics), where he subsequently began teaching.

After military service during World War II Kaldor he held a high post in the Economic Commission for Europe (Economic Commission for Europe).

He was an adviser to Labour government in the United Kingdom (UK) Since 1964, as well as a consultant in several other countries, spending some of the first memorandum on the establishment of value-added tax.

In 1966, he became a professor of economics at Cambridge (University of Cambridge).

In 1974, Kaldor received a life peerage.

He was married to Clarissa Goldsmith (Clarissa Goldsmith), a prominent figure in the city of Cambridge life, and brought with her four daughters. One of them, Francis Stewart (Frances Stewart), became a professor of economic development at the University of Oxford (University of Oxford), and the other Mary Kaldor (Mary Kaldor), - professor of human security at the London School of Economics.

Nicholas Kaldor died September 30, 1986 th, in the village of Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire (Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire), aged 78 years.

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