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BiographyDavid Nelson and John Dawson met the future members of the legendary band "Grateful Dead" in 1962, when they were in college "Wildwood". Nelson then started playing in the band "Big Brother", and Dawson - in the "Mother McCree Uptown Jug Champions" - a certain inverse image of the "Grateful Dead".

Later fate again brought friends -the team "New Delhi River Band", and then - in the "Riders". Country -rock band called "Riders" was founded in summer 1969 by guitarist "Grateful Dead" Jerry Garcia. At that time, he bought himself a new pedal steel guitar and began to search for the application of this atypical for a rock instrument.Soon he was joined by his long-standing friends: very good by the time the country -rock guitarist David Nelson and singing rhythm guitarist John Dawson (who wrote most of the later songs) .

Complementing composition drummer "Grateful Dead" Mickey Hart and bassist Bob Matthew (who later replaced by another " ghoul "Phil Leshem) , the group began its pilgrimage on the smoky clubs of the surrounding area of San Francisco. Often the "Riders" opened concerts "Grateful Dead" and thus won a certain popularity. After an early departure Lesch " riders " have found a replacement for him in the person of Dave Torbert.

New Riders Of The Purple Sage Despite frequent changes in the composition ,Group has developed its own country music sound, only slightly reminiscent of "Grateful Dead". In December 1970, Mickey Hart was replaced by former drummer "Jefferson Airplane" Spencer Dryden, and shortly after his arrival (early 1971) , the team name was changed to "The New Riders Of The Purple Sage".Their eponymous debut album was moderately popular, but after the release of these two albums and the accompanying tour through Europe the success of " Riders " has grown significantly. At the same time, starting from the second album, instead departed from Garcia`s team began to play a talented guitarist Buddy Cage. The third full-length, "Adventures Of Panama Red",It has quickly become the "gold " and the first "live" disc was released after the tour in support of it - "Home, Home On The Road".

In the early 1974, the team left Torbert, who formed with Matthew Kelly and Bob Weir of rock `n ` roll team "Kingfish". New bassist "New Riders Of The Purple Sage" became Skip Bettin. Together with him in October 1974-of the album was recorded "Brujo", which showed all the original sound of country, which is now and was not at all similar to the "Grateful Dead". However, their new release in 1975 sounded as if it is not recorded "New Riders": simple vocal harmonies were replaced by female backing vocals, which is why the style of the group approached the funk. New Riders Of The Purple SagePosle change the roof in 1976 (a new label was the "MCA"), the release of the collection and the best things studiynika "New Riders", Skip Bettin, who went to "Flying Burrito Brothers", was replaced by Steven Lowe. With the help of Lowe`s were released both albums of 1977, and Spencer Dryden while concurrently became group manager.Disc "Marin County Line" helped write guitarist John Haag. Despite the increased popularity of the team, "MCA" terminated her contract. Left without a livelihood, " Riders " again began playing in clubs, and instead gone Law and Dryden put guitarist Allen Camp and drummer Patrick Shanahan. Since the team was left without a bassguitar. With the help of session musicians, this composition recorded the album "Feelin` All Right", after which the band continued to languish.

In the future, "The New Riders Of The Purple Sage", suffering from fever personnel from time to time let the weak live album, containing mostly previously unreleased material. During the 80th and 90th members of the group mainly recorded solo albums, occasionally appearing under the banner of "New Riders". In 2001, John Dawson, David Nelson and Buddy Cage gathered again, giving several concerts together.

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