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Place of birth : Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Citizenship : United States


American vocal pop group. This team can be considered the first in the history of boys- band`om or " boy band " in the classic sense of the word.

Group members:

Donnie Wahlberg was born August 17, 1969, Dorchester, MA. Jonathan Knight was born on November 29, 1968, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Jordan Knight rodilsya17 May 1971, ibid.

Danny Wood was born May 14, 1971, Boston.

Joseph McIntyre was born December 31, 1972, Needham, Massachusetts.

Production Project : five cute boys no older than twenty smoothly move on the stage and sing uncomplicated, pleasant to the ear, the song ,winning the most commercially viable target audience - teenage girls. The development has been very successful and has been further refined as many typical groups. The first album "New Kids on the Block" was a failure : the market was not yet ready "to cheer " to take groupnot having absolutely no musical talent. However, six months later released "Hangin Tough" brought the guys and their managers - spouses Wright - a resounding success : four singles from the new album entered the top ten of the charts in the US sales results. As a " pioneer " in his musical style ,NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK faced with rejection of the press and critics. Maturing singers eventually ceased to compete with the new boy band that began to appear on the stage like mushrooms after the rain : a new generation of " tineydzhersh " chose new faces. In 1994, the group was disbanded.

Discography :

New Kids on the Block (Sony,1990)

Hangin` Tough (Sony, 1990)

Step by Step (Sony,1990)

Locker CD Package (Sony, 1990)

No More Games Remix (Sony, 1991)

Face the Music (Sony,1994)

Sing-A-Long (New Kids on the Block) (Priddis Music, 1998)

New Kids on the Block

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