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Place of birth : Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Citizenship : United States


American vocal " boys` " a pop group. One of the first " boys` " groups, made up of black teenagers, performing music in the style of JACKSON 5 and later reoriented to execute a mixture of hip-hop, soul and al- end-Bi (the so-called new jack swing).

Group members:

Bobby Brown was born February 5, 1969, Roksberi.

Ralph Trezvent born May 16, 1968, Boston.

Ricky Bell was born September 18, 1967, Boston.

Michael Bivins was born August 10, 1968, Boston.

Ronnie Devoe was born November 17, 1967, Boston.

NEW EDITION was established in Boston area Roksberi Ricky BellMichael Bivins and Bobby Brown, who began singing together in 1978 in a primary school, earning his pocket money. Later they were joined by Ralph Trezvent and the band won a " talent show " - Ronnie Devoe. This was followed by numerous victories in local shows. Then-and they noticed impresario Maurice Starr (Maurice Starr), who invited the group to his small Streetwise label in hopes of making the guys, " Jackson `80s. " Song Candy Girl, which is composed together with Starr NEW EDITION, became their first single in 1983 (when it was young singers from 13 to 15 years) . Despite ignoring the single largest audiokompaniyami, Candy Girl became a hit, topping the charts R & B. The self-titled debut album has given two more hits in the same chart (Popcorn Love and Is This the End?). This success was impossible to miss, and the company offered MCA NEW EDITION contract. For this group, however,I had to fire his producer. Starr tried to sue the group for using her name, stating that the name of the NEW EDITION has come to mean a new pop direction, which he created. Having failed, Starr continued the begun business and created a new " boys` " group (but "white") , calling it the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK.Meanwhile NEW EDITION released in 1984 on MCA their second album, which their most famous hit Cool It Now (at the end of the song is already present, insert rap) was recorded. It is also a great success in the charts of the song reached Mr. Telephone Man, written by Ray Parker Jr. NEW EDITION acquired the status of " youth idols. "Meanwhile, the guys have grown and changed, that is clearly visible on the album "All for Love" (1985). They were her husband`s voice, and the music began to dominate material funk rhythms and "adult" romantic ballads. Me, and their interests. In 1986, dissatisfied with the collective creativity Brown began his solo career and left the band. Becoming a quartet ,NEW EDITION recorded an album of cover versions of famous rhythm and blues and doo-wop hits 1950-60 - ies. called "Under the Blue Moon". Brown was soon replaced by Johnny Gill (Johnny Gill;. P May 22, 1966, Washington, DC) , buddy NEW EDITION, which was previously recorded solos without much success. In this composition, NEW EDITION recorded in 1989 the album "Heart Break",which produced the well-known promoters Jimmy Jam (Jimmy Jam) and Terry Lewis (Terry Lewis). And the album again made a series of hits, the most successful of which was Can You Stand the Rain (first place in the charts, " er- and- bi ") . Meanwhile, Bobby Brown recorded an extremely successful solo album "Don`t Be Cruel" in the style of " New Jack Swing ". Behind him went solo and the rest of the NEW EDITION. Gill began again recorded one (only now with much greater success, and Bell, b and c and Devo formed the trio BELL BIV DEVOE and achieved perhaps the greatest success than all the other " New Jack Swing " In the mid -1990s.. He began to give way to a "pure" hiphop and soul. And, although no one could challenge the participants NEW EDITION rank of pioneers of style, for they have come hard times ; increasingly difficult to stay on top. Guided by these considerations, all the six former members of the group decided to get together again and form an R & B- supergroup. Their " vozvraschenchesky " album "Home Again" (1996) was received by the public with great enthusiasm, and the song Hit Me Off took for customary NEW EDITION first place in al- n- Bi charts. The group immediately went into full-scale world tour, gathering full houses. But after the end of the band decided that it is better vsethe same will return to his solo career ; and now further searchlights reunification NEW EDITION look hazy.

Discography :

CANDY GIRL (Warlock, 1983)






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