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Year of birth : 2009

Age: 6 years

Citizenship : United States

Jerking, and not only on the Californian hip- hop duo

Starting with rap, hip

hop and jerking -and a good idea to use them to become famous - the members of the team New Boyz took up the development of new styles. Plans impressive duo - in the future, considering the performers begin to learn entirely new to them like rock styles.

The New Boyz - American duo specializing in rap, hip-hop and jerking Cru.Composed of Earl `Ben Dzhey` Benjamin (Earl` Ben J` Benjamin) and Dominica` Legasi` Thomas (Dominic` Legacy` Thomas).

Benjamin and Thomas met during the stay of their students. Friendship they developed not at once - while the guys quite actively competed with each other. Fortunately, common interests - first and foremost, Musically -helped them to overcome past differences and finally make friends. Thomas worked with rap 8 years; on his first experiences inspired clip `Bow Wow`. Benjamin, unlike his friend, musical career was not dreaming - he planned to play football and play for the team of the State University of San Diego.Earle plans changed when he suddenly realized a remarkable ability rapper - and realized that this activity really gives him pleasure.

Benjamin was born on th October 13, 1991 th; Thomas only on the day of his age - he was born on October 12. Standing next birthdays have rendered distinguished service to friends - joining donated money to them,they were able to purchase equipment for the recording. Later, Thomas mastered the program `Fruity Loops` and began to do her bit for the duo`s songs; Dominic studied the program entirely on their own, rather cleverly cope with this difficult task.Later, Thomas was transferred to another school;then friends and we decided to create his own group. Initially, the band was called their Swagger Boyz; companions even created a page on the social network MySpace, which started to promote her first single `Colorz`.

In the summer of 2009 -of the duo waited for the first truly major breakthrough - saw the light of a single `You`re a Jerk`.The composition was performed in the dance style `dzherking` and almost immediately became a hit at the national level. The song climbed to the 24th position in the hit parade `Billboard Hot 100` and up to the 4th line in the rating of` Hot Rap Tracks`. The debut album of the duo, `Skinny Jeanz and a Mic`,was released in September 2009 under the logotpom `Shotty` and` Asylum Records`; its reception and waited a relatively good - the disc has risen to 56th line in the rating of `Billboard 200` and up to the 8th line in the rating of` Top Rap Albums`. The second single from the debut album was the song `Tie Me Down`,recorded with the participation of ReynoldsJay (Ray J); she `Hot 100` rose to 22nd lines and in the` Hot Rap Tracks` finished in 5th position.

In July 2010, the New Boyz joined forces with singer Keydranom Jones, better known under the pseudonym Iyyaz (Keidran `Iyaz` Jones) and recorded the song` Break my Bank`;it is in the ranking of `Billboard Hot 100` climbed to the 68th position.Shortly thereafter, I saw the light of their second studio album,` Too Cool to Care`; he wrote on May 17 th of 2011. The format of music offers the listener has changed somewhat -now Benjamin and Thomas a few jerking away from a model by starting to be inspired by other styles - quite a broad way, the profile. As he explained Dominic, the first album was aimed at a fairly narrow group of listeners and quite distinctive style;the second plate of the musicians made it clear that can do better and can do much more shirokoplanovuyu music. The team planned to experiment with other genres, in addition to hip-hop - so a lot of them attracted by rock music. 15 February 2011 -of New Boyz released the second single from his alboa, `Backseat`;participated in the recording The Cataracs and Devin Star Tails (Devin Star Tailes). The album itself diverges rather quickly - in the first week it was sold about 30,000 records. The third single from the album was the record `Better with the Lights Off`; here with Thomas and Benjamin he worked himself Chris Brown (Chris Brown).The single was released on the 61st place in the `Billboard Hot 100` in step advancement; after the official release, he started from the 75th position and climbed to 38th.

The duo not only invited to record their own songs by other artists; Musicians themselves have acted as guest stars. By a strange coincidence, singles,zapisannymuchastiem New Boyz, totally failed to see the light - almost always their release ultimately abolished. An exception to the current moment was only one song - `I Like It Like That` Hot Chelle Rae.

July 9, 2012 -first it learned that in the rap duo sued;the plaintiff in the lawsuit were made by representatives specializing in Christian rock group `The Newsboys`, and is dedicated to the claim was too high level of similarity between the names of groups.

February 28, 2013, Dominique Thomas in his Twitter said, that the group is actively working on their third album;it was assumed that this album will be released under the auspices of the `Warner Music Bros. Records`.

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