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Mixing traditional heavy and power metal with modern rhythms, "Nevermore" have found their niche in the world of rock music.

This group from Seattle was born in 1994 on the ruins of the other team, "Sanctuary", where they played a few of its members. Professed trash "Sanctuary" a couple of albums recorded under the direction of Dave Mustaine ("Megadeth"), but ,being abandoned due to the invasion of the label grunge, ceased operations. The original composition "Nevermore" includes vocalist Dane Worrell, bassist Jim Sheppard, guitarist Jeff Loomis and drummer Van Williams. By signing a contract with the "Century media", and the band began its long association with producer Neil Kernon ,which had significant experience working with teams like "Dokken", "Judas Priest" and "Queensryche".

Having released in 1995, a good self-titled album, "Nevermore" went to accompany the "Death" in the American tour and "Blind guardian" - in Europe. Soon, the team has another guitarist - Pat O`Brien of "Monstrosity",debuted on the 1996 EP "In memory".

The release, which was a few covers and recycled material "Sanctuary", fell on the audience and critics soul, and a group in the same year developed a new full-length album "Politics of ecstasy". It more fully apparent O`Brien talents, Loomis and Williams. But Pat did not spend long in the team and went to the "Cannibal Corpse". In his place was recruited longtime friend "Nevermore" and former member of the "Forbidden" Tim Calvert. Tim not only possessed good guitar, but also contributed to the songwriting. His gift as a composer quite manifested on the dark concept album in 1999 "Dreaming neon black".The album was dedicated person immersion in the madness followed by suicide, after the mysterious death of his beloved woman. The disc was enthusiastically received by the press, and many publications dubbed "Dreaming. .." album of the year. It was followed by intense touring, initially across the United States - a "Mercyful fate", followed by Europe - with "Iced earth", and finally -Australia.

Frequent travel and endless concerts unbalanced by Tim Calvert, and he was forced to leave the team. Remaining four "Nevermore" hired a new producer Andy Sneap ("Machine head", "Testament", "Kreator") and went to prepare the next record in Texas studio "Village studios".The result exceeded all expectations and "Dead Heart In A Dead World" has appeared in dozens of rock publications lists for the title of " best album ". But his mastery musicians is evident not only in the studio - they easily kept "on the fingertips " of thousands of people at such festivals as the solid "Wacken Open Air", "Dynamo", "With Full Force".In the next two years, "Nevermore" a lot of time spent on the road, sharing venues with such ensembles as the "Arch Enemy", "In Flames", "Shadows Fall", "Opeth", "Angel Dust", "Savatage". For studio work the band returned in 2003, recorded with producer Kelly Gray ("Queensryche", "Dokken") another masterpiece, "Enemies Of Reality".

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