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Originalnoe name: George Alan About Daud

Original name: George Alan O`Dowd


Being formed in late 1985 in the city of Oakland (CA) , "Neurosis" developed a style, mixing elements from hardcore alternative rock, vanguard and psychedelic. Founded the group three - Scott Kelly (guitar, vocals), Dave Edwardson (bass ,vocals) and Jason Roeder (drums) .

After graduating in 1988, their debut album, "Pain of Mind" also joined Steve von Till (vocals, guitar, percussion) , and after the live performances - keyboardist Noah Landis. The boys began to experiment with music of different textures and released in 1989 the album "The Word As Law".The group has created a lasting impression on the rock scene trudnoharakterizuemoy his music, including even doom, gothic, medieval motifs and spiritually rich lyrics.

The team has signed a contract with the legendary San Francisco label "Alternative Tentacles", at which the following two albums out : kritikuemo-praised "Souls At Zero" and the primitive "Enemy Of The Sun". Now the musical arsenal group enriched percussion, brass and string section. Big jump in the popularity of "Neurosis" among mainstream rock occurred after the release of the album "Through Silver In Blood". By this time the team has collaborated with "Relapse Records".Neurosis was followed by performances in Europe and Ozzfest- American tour with the legendary "Black Sabbath". In concert, "Neurosis" and with the help of videos and slide show reached more visual psychedelia, representing gated collage disorder, symbols and prototypes assembled in such a wayto leave behind a feeling of emotional contact, and mental draining. Besides "Neurosis" members of the group have also created a conceptual side project called "Tribes of Neurot", under the pretext that they, along with "Walking Time Bombs" released in 1998, the year CD "Static Migration". The CD "Times Of Grace" was produced by Steve Albini. Immediately after its publication "Neurosis / Tribes of Neurot" released "Grace", an album full of experiments and sound scales, is a perfect addition to the "Times Of Grace". Two albums were played congruent, they are aligned in the dynamics and tools. On tours in support of the "Times of Grace" band performed in the company with "Today Is The Day", "Unsane" and "Voivod". Back home, the band created their own label "Neurot Recordings". In 2000 they released to him EP "Sovereign", which in addition to material from the sessions of "Times of Grace" includes an extensive multimedia content. NeurosisLetom 2001, the team has opened to the public "A Sun That Never Sets", writing, concentrating all the dynamics inherent "Neurosis". As no less intense than the previous albums, "A Sun That Never Sets" offers a more contemplative and melancholic clean vocals, demonstrating the aging group. The CD was praised immediately after release : "Boston`s Weekly Dig" and "Outburn" record called " masterpiece ", and "Alternative Press" referred to it as " brilliant ". As soon as plans were developed for the production of DVD-version of the album, which would unite the audio and video art group one.After the publication of the DVD "Neurosis" do a new thing, and organized a music festival "Beyond The Pale", dedicated to the spirit of the sound.

Also, Kelly Scott and Noah Landis created his group "Blood and Time" and in 2003 released a CD "At The Foot Of The Garden".Steve Von Till participated in the sessions of the "Amber Asylum" and recorded two solo work "If I Should Fall to the Field" and "As The Crow Flies". He has released a solo album as Scott Kelly. In 2004, the guys back together in the studio with producer Steve Albini and produced the album "The Eye Of Every Storm".The premiere of the material took place at a special extended live performance July 21 "Great American Music Hall" in San Francisco.

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