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Year of birth : 1994

Age: 21 year

Place of birth : Santa Barbara, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

American performers geek -rock

Pop - punk band `Nerf Herder` defines the genre, which works like ` boom - rok` - rock for geeks, ` botanikov`. Even the band`s name was taken from the cult in some circles geek movie ` Star voyny` ; the overall style can also be seen in the music and in the lyrics of the group.

At the root of the group `Nerf Herder` were singer- guitarist Perry Influenza (Parry Gripp), bassist Charlie Dennis (Charlie Dennis) and drummer Steve Sherlock (Steve Sherlock).The band`s name is a kind of reference to the universe of the franchise ` Star voyny` ; in an episode of the movie ` Star Wars 5 : The Empire Strikes Back udar` (Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back) Princess Leia insults Han Solo, calling him - among other things - ` shepherd nerfov`. Nerf in this universe called home bizonopodobnyh animals divorcing mostly for meat.

Dennis left the band after the release of her debut album, entitled, without any ploys and tricks, `Nerf Herder`. She replaced him as bassist Pete Newbery (Pete Newbury);around the same time the team has got a second guitarist - Erlichem Dave (Dave Ehrlich). Newbury group also paused briefly ; already in 1999 he was replaced by bassist Marco 72 (Marko 72) , also worked for a relatively short time in the `Nerf Herder`. The next bassist, Justin Fisher (Justin Fisher),It managed to stay in the team for a long time.

In 1999, `Nerf Herder` parted ways with the label ` Arista`; parting left quite long and painful, but after that the team was able to find a new patron - `Honest Don`s Records`, subdivision ` Fat Wreck Chords`. It is this next record kompaniyavypustila group`How To Meet Girls`. In 2001, the company released an EP to `My Records`; It called it ridiculously simple - `My EP`. Next group record - album `American Cheese` - was published in 2002.

In April 2003, a group `Nerf Herder` landed a role in an episode of the popular TV series ` Buffy the vampirov` (` Buffy`).That same year, the team went on tour in support of the `American Cheese`. Tours of these, however, proved to be fatal for the group ; first, there was another change of bass player - instead of Fischer`s group began performing with Ben Pringle (Ben Pringle), and then the team just collapsed. Formal announcement of the group broke up has been done, but on the WebOnline `Nerf Herder` Perry Influenza has made it clear that the majority of former members of the group have decided to finally find a normal job. Influenza itself for some time made a living writing jingles ; in 2005 he even released his own solo album, `For Those About To Shop, We Salute You` - conceptual plateIt contained a few dozen songs of various styles and genres. This multi-genre medley bore the character is clearly a parody, and was devoted to the theme of universal commercialization.

At the end of 2005, absolutely all of a sudden, a group gathered again ; Online `Nerf Herder` was officially announced ,that in a short time the original lineup (Parry, Charlie and Steve) will give a series of concerts. This series of concerts activity revived group is not completed ; May 7, 2007 is already the second Perry officially announced the completion of work on a new studio album. The album `Nerf Herder IV` April 29, 2008, under the label of ` Oglio Records`.Soon, the group returned Pringle ; later joined the cast of Hollywood Linus (Linus of Hollywood), former lead singer of `Former Size 14`. In early 2008, the band went on tour on the West Coast ; later the band made a short tour of Japan.

According to data for 2013, the group worked actively on a new album.

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